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Live Auto Roulette La Partage

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Evolution Auto Roulette La Partage Live

Play Auto Roulette La Partage at FUN Casino.

Evolution Gaming, the people behind Dual Play roulette, have created Live Auto Roulette with La Partage, a game with a computer generated table top and a real roulette wheel, and together they’ve create a realistic and rather satisfying online roulette experience.

It’s a neat combo that works the authenticity of the wheel and the top-notch interface of the table top that’s open for fun 24/7. Evolution are battling it out with Extreme Live Gaming (of Great Rhino Roulette fame) and Authentic Gaming for top slot in this competitive market.

And as well as the speed on a real physical wheel, what this variant offers you is something you normally only see on certain French Roulette variants- and that’s La Partage- one of our favourite roulette rules that returns half of your bet if the ball lands in zero on an even money bet. Progression system players take note- this brings the house edge down from 2.6% to 1.3% on these outside bets.

So let’s take a look at the new Auto Live horse in the Evolution Gaming stable, shall we? Auto Roulette is a handy game for high stake rollers, the table limit is high at 20,000 but it is also a great place for a novice to get involved with the minimum bet set low at 0.20- so there’s something for everyone! This is also a game that works well across devices, so you can literally play on the move. If you’ve had enough of the chat on games like Live Football Roulette, you might find this game a welcome change.

Automation – the Clue is in the Name

Auto Roulette is not a social online roulette game where you feel the buzz of the crowd. This is not a game for a roulette player who wants a chat. This is all about speed and time on the wheel and will suit system players who want to play on a real physical wheel. You’re playing a game that is all about the game itself- there’s not even a dealer as the wheel is spun pneumatically using blasts of air.

It’s the automated aspect of this game that makes Auto Roulette a quick game to play, if you’re someone who likes to get on with the main event and want your play up tempo, then you’ll enjoy the speed of the wheel spin and the betting experience.

Live Auto Roulette La Partage

Auto La Partage Look and Feel

So what does Live Auto Roulette look like? The layout of play is really clear and the gaming interface is user friendly. It provides a very realistic replica of a table top in an upmarket land-based casino with red baize to make the table easy to read. At the bottom centre of the screen is where you select your chips

The main part of the screen is taken up with the table top where you can place your bets. This is easy to see and to place a bet, there’s also a racetrack so that you can place neighbouring bets, or if you simply prefer this system. On the left of the table is the wheel, the setup is just like an on-premises view of a game. At the bottom left of the screen you can monitor your winnings and your total stake so far.

There is a small icon on the bottom right of the screen that allows you to access the wheel’s history and stats which brings up a wheel diagram showing the hot and cold numbers from recent play.

You can connect to a dealer (more of an overseer) using the Live Chat function, which comes up on the left hand bottom side of the screen and here winners, who opt in, have their wins shown and celebrated.
There is also an automated voice of a dealer which provides instructions about when the bets are open, closing or when you’ve won. While the voice is a recorded human voice, the repeated voice did start to get annoying, but this is probably a personal thing- you may not mind this. just switch it off to turn the volume down if he starts to bug you!

While the ball is in play, the screen focuses on the action in the wheel and this adds to the tension of play, as does the fast pace of the games. There are also a range of cameras that focus on the wheel to bring the player into all the spinning action.

La Partage Means Better Overall Odds

Auto Roulette La Partage will appeal to fans of fast and focused play and who want a game with the best roulette odds possible. There is no lower house edge unless you can find a wheel without a zero on it (let us know if you find one!) There is something no nonsense about the format of the generated table top and the real wheel, which makes for an interesting mix of the old and new.

This is a game that will appeal to those who like to get on with a fast and furious roulette experience. I’ll play it when I want to play fast and loose, but it does lacks the sociability of a live online roulette game with a dealer where you join the atmosphere and hustle bustle of the crowd.