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Speed Roulette

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Speed Roulette: A Modern Twist on a Classic Game

speed roulette

Play Speed Roulette at Betfair

Roulette has evolved considerably as a game since it was first played over 200 years ago, with a number of formats now available both off and online. Virtual casinos offer the greatest choice of roulette variants, however, as it’s easier to offer lots of different varieties online- you don’t need to pay for the extra casino space. One of the latest developments is a game called ‘speed roulette’, (not be confused with rapid roulette) which offers one the most realistic, online casino experiences to date.

As a general rule, roulette croupiers are measured by their efficiency and the amount of spins that they produce every hour. After all, this translates into turnover, as every spin attracts new bets and more action for the casino. This means that the best roulette tables in Las Vegas or Monaco are the fast-paced ones, and this is something that online casinos have struggled to replicate within their platforms. Well, no longer, since the arrival of a type of live online roulette called Speed Roulette. Head to Betfair Roulette to check out this game which offers two spins a minute to players.

With a high rate of spins, live online casinos are now able to replicate an authentic bricks and mortar roulette table- one of the most common complaints from online punters playing live roulette is that the speed of play is slow. This new variant seeks to address that. The casinos have successfully improved the quality of the graphics, audio and the level if interaction between player and croupier- this was the last piece of the puzzle. Bet365 live roulette also has this turbo game.

For players, speed roulette offers a number of advantages. If you like to bet on a favourite number sequence, and then repeat this regularly, or you are testing out roulette betting strategies, or simply favour outside bets, you will be able to play through your plan quicker while still remaining on a live table.

Betfair is the only operator we have seen with this variant so far, but we expect the game to spread.