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RNG First Person Roulette

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First Person Roulette is a video roulette game from Evolution.
Switch to the live game at any time.

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Evolution Gaming are famous for their live roulette games such as Lightning Roulette and Immersive Roulette. They have also moved into the virtual roulette space (RNG games) with RNG First Person Roulette, which is a breath of fresh air.

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While many virtual roulette games are similar (other than the quality of the graphics and some special games like Space Invaders Roulette and so on), Evolution have had a good go and recreating the kind of experience you might find on a live roulette table.

The graphics are great, and the game is very similar to their Live European Roulette – other than it is an RNG game of course. The action plays out on a video game rather than a live table. You can switch to the live version at any time.

First Person Roulette Game Play

First Person Roulette is played on an American Wheel with 38 pockets (double zero pockets).

All the standard inside bets bets are there (corner, line, street, split, straight up) plus the outside bets of course (column, dozen, odd/even, high/low, red/black). There’s also a racetrack betting area to place Call Bets (Tiers du Cylindre, Orphelins a Cheval, JeuZero and Voisins du Zero).

You can place individual neighbour bets around numbers other an zero by clicking a number. It will place a bet on your number plus two of the neighbours on the wheel. Increase the number of neighbour numbers using the ‘+’ and ‘-‘.


The game boasts good stats and payouts are standard European giving an RTP of 94.8%. The payout is not diluted by any additional side bets.


While RNG First Person Roulette is hardly innovative, it does the basics well and it’s a smooth and easy roulette game to play. plus you can switch to live tables at any time. There’s a 2x betting option for Martingale players

Pros and Cons RTG First Person Roulette

  • Great Graphics – a breath of fresh air
  • FPG Nice stats
  • Switch to a live roulette table at any time
  • You can stop the wheel at any time during its spin
  • This game is hardly innovative. It does the basics well.
  • Only available on an American table (2 zero pockets).


RNG First Person American Roulette
Number of Zeros
La Partage
Hot/Cold, Advanced, Last 500
Favourite Bets
Favourite / Special / Staright-Up
Double Bet Button
Customise effects, music, dealer’s voice
R17 Score