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NetEnt Live Roulette has made something of a step change for live roulette players, particularly if you like playing on your mobile or tablet. In Net Ent's marketing spiel, the games are "unlike anything you've ever seen before. We're re-inventing live casino games". We'd have to agree- the games are super slick! Extreme Live Gaming roulette is also good, by the way. Their games have a Race-Track for call bets.

net ent live rouletteThe games deliver over 20 million spins a year to customers from all over the globe in 25 different languages.

They have spent a lot of time on the streaming solution- and that was one of our take-outs from playing on our mobile. The feed is very smooth and continuous. There's nothing worse than placing your bet on a live roulette table and then losing the connection, or getting that choppy visual experience.

You can play both in landscape (phone held sideways) and portrait (phone held normally) which is an unusual feature- we have seen it on the Playtech mobile roulette games, but that's about it.

You can also bet when the wheel is still spinning, like you can at a land-based casino. Another nice touch that gives the game a real sense of authenticity.

Net Ent based the development on over 100 hour of player interviews, so they have certainly done their research into what players want from a live casino. They've done their homework. You can customise the background (the default looks like a view from the French Riviera, and the croupiers we've had have been courteous and knowledgeable (and good looking!)). Play it at Wombat Mobile Casino in their roulette section.

Areas for Improvement

Yes, this is an excellent live roulette game, there's no doubt. But there is always room for improvement!

Here are our suggestions:

- In portrait mode, when you slide the betting table up (very smooth), you lose visibility of the last results. These would be better if they were anchored at the bottom. This isn't a problem in landscape mode.
- The Open for Bets signal is pretty good- a green bar that flashes to red at the bottom, but it would be good to have another count-down so that you know exactly where you are while the wheel is spinning. 

Before the ball is launched, the green bar reduces in size (like the opposite of a "downloading now" bar). After the ball has been released, the green bar merely flashes. It's unclear how much time is left to bet.

- There are no Call Bets available- a pop out race-track would be good.

- It would be good to see what other players are betting on. This would probably need a bit of thought and might come in the form of a statistical representation, rather than being able to view chips on the betting area, which might get too busy.

Apart from the lack of call bets, these are minor tweaks to be honest. I can understand that NetEnt probably were trying to keep things simple, but a Race-Track option would suit more regular players. It could be available as a version of the game. There is a Pro version available, but the only difference seems to be that the minimum bet is £5 rather than £1. The Pro Version could also include a Race-Track for the Call bets such as Voisins du Zero, Tiers, Orphelins, Finales, the Complete Bet and so on.


net ent live roulette statisticsWe do like the statistics display though. Tap the pie chart symbol at the top right of the game and you'll be able to see the distribution of all the numbers, plus hot and cold numbers. You can also see the Outside Bets distribution (red, black in a pie chart, odd/even and 1-18/19-36) in a bar chart.

Area for Improvement
They could also include an option to see the distribution of the Columns and Dozens bets here. I don't think it would clutter up the design too much.

It's super easy to chat with the dealer. Just tap on the speech bubble icon.

Area for Improvement
Why not provide an option where you can open this up so that you can also see the other player's chats and chat to them too? I am guessing that NetEnt would rather you bet than chat, but ultimately a better customer experience will pay off in the long run, no?

This is an excellent live roulette game- it really stands out on a mobile, and the developers have obviously done their homework with market research and have designed a beautiful, easy to use interface that is clear and easy on the eye. That's Swedish design for you! They are masters of designing highly functional products that look great. That's why Peter Agnefjäll, the CEO of Ikea is so loaded I guess 😉

There's always room for improvement though. Having said that, this is one of the best mobile live roulette games on the market.

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Score: 9/10