Deal or No Deal Roulette

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Deal or No Deal Roulette is a European variant with a Deal or No Deal twist- a variant with a side bet like Monopoly Roulette from Scientific Games. There are 37 numbers on the Roulette wheel PLUS an extra Bonus wheel that is triggered when you make a side bet

Deal or No Deal Roulette. Free Play (No Sign Up Required)

(Tip, to make the game bigger, zoom in by holding down you <CTRL> key and using your mouse wheel, or press the "+" and "-" keys to zoom in and out).

Demo only available on laptops and desktops (we are working on a mobile version).

Best Casino For Deal or No Deal Roulette
The best roulette casino for playing Deal or No Deal Roulette? For it's bonus, friendly wagering terms and simplicity, we vote for Sky Vegas

120x60Sky Vegas.
€/€/£ 1000 bonus at Sky Vegas.
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Single number Straight Up bet pays 35:1
Split Bet pays 17:1
Street Bet Pays 11:1          
Corner Bet Pays 8:1
Line Bet (6 Way Split) pays 5:1
Dozen or Colum Bet pays 2:1
Even Money bets (eg red/black) pays 1:1
Deal or No Deal Bonus win up to x150 your bet
Banker's Spin Bonus win up to x100 your bet

You get your original bet back of course.

Placing a Deal or No Deal Bonus Bet

This is where this variant differs from a standard online roulette wheel (European). You can make a side bet. Place a chip on the Bonus Bet area of the betting area. Click the Spin button. 2 Roulette wheels will start to spin. The ball will appear and settle in a numbered wheel segment which will become the result for the spin.

If a bonus symbol on the outer wheel lands adjacent to the Roulette ball, that particular bonus will be triggered.

Other features

Deal or No Deal roulette also has a French Bets betting area, full game statistics and Auto Spin feature. Maximum bet amount on the outside bets is £5000 and £500

Deal or No Deal Bonus

The Deal or No Deal Bonus is set off when the Box symbol on the outer wheel lines up with the Roulette ball. Once you set it off, the you will head off to the bonus feature.

Begin by picking a box from the shelf to be your lucky box.
Then pick boxes one after the other to see the amount inside them. The amount will be taken off the red and blue paddles at the side of the bonus game
Activate the Quick Pick button to pick boxes at speed.
Once a picking round is finished, the Banker will make you a cash offer for your lucky box.

Choose to accept the DEAL or continue (NO DEAL).

Banker’s Spin Bonus

The Banker’s Spin Bonus is set off when the Telephone symbol on the outer wheel lines up with the Roulette ball. Once set off, you will head off to this bonus feature. You 3 Spins to bag the top prize.

Begin by selecting a box for the value of your prize wheel; (gold, silver or bronze).
Once you have picked your prize level, cash amounts will be shown on the Roulette wheel.
The wheel will spin and the ball will coem to a stop next to a cash amount.
The Banker will ask you to accept that prize (DEAL) or respin (No DEAL).
Each time you get an offer from the Bnaker, you will pick another red box to select the prize level of the next spin but be careful as the amounts may decrease as well as increase.