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Gamevy Roulette

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Best Casino for Gamevy European Roulette

Gamevy have dreamed up a winner of an online roulette game with the snappily-titled European Roulette. Sarcasm aside, this game had my attention at the get-go. European Roulette has the perfect lay-out for some chilled wheel spin in the comfort of your own home or on-the-move, across all your devices, wherever and whenever you fancy having a flutter. If you want to steer clear of variants with side bets like the Mike Tyson roulette game and just stick to plain and simple old European Roulette, than you could do worse than head for Gamevy.

First up, you see a screen which shows your table top. The lay out is very like a casino table top with the red and black numbers ready for your selection against a dark background. Here you can load up your chips (at the bottom centre of the screen), and then click on the traditional green baize on the left, and the chips are loaded up. The chip sizes are pretty standard (play Penny Roulette if you just want a flutter fro very low risk).

Now just place them on your lucky numbers, red, black, odds, evens or multiple sections of different numbers of choice- what could be easier?

Wheely Fun!

Gamevy Roulette

Now just click the arrow on the right and the screen transforms into a traditional European roulette wheel, numbered 0-36. As roulette fans know, this version of the game ups the theoretical return of the player- the American version has two zeros!

The wheel is a great looker- something like the classic John Huxley wheel, and it is big and clear enough to give a great view of all the action. There’s also the rather satisfying sound of the ball rolling around the wheel which adds to the game’s authentic feel. The winning number pops up on the left hand side of the screen. Its a nice simple game along the lines of 20p roulette from Inspired Gaming. Nothing but the best!

Casino Vibe

European Roulette has a pretty fun soundtrack, there’s the gentle hub-bub of upbeat casino background noise and the sound of the ball rolling into the slots, a plinky-plonky jazz music soundtrack accompanies play. It’s a good addition to the game.

Personalising your play

The lower central part of the second screen is where you can watch your digits- you can check out your winnings, bets, clear your bets and with a single click, up your bet limit.

This is a game built for looks and comfort; if you want to go deluxe you can make the view full screen. This is a game that’s all about looking clear and letting you get on with the main event- winning some serious money.

There’s also an Autoplay option for the chilled-out player who loves to watch the wheel spin and spin. Just select this option on the bottom right of the table top and simply select the number of rounds you want to relax for- 25, 50 or 100 spins of the wheel.
When you win and I definitely made a good amount of cash on this game, your win pops up on screen with a celebratory beep. If you like to watch your stats, then the last five winning numbers are shown at the top right of the screen.

My only minor grumble is that the stats could be more detailed to provide a slightly more technical game, but there are plenty of these more techy online games on the market if that’s your bag.


European Roulette is a pleasure to play. It’s been well designed for the novice or high roller alike with a clear and easy to use interface and has gone to some effort to recreate some of the buzzy atmosphere of a land- based roulette game. European Roulette makes for a fun diversion and one that’s all too easy to play!