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Roulette In Numbers

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32 is a lucky number for bears. Paddington Bear was adopted by the Brown family and taken home to 32 Windsor Gardens. It is also the number of teeth in a full set for an adult human.


In Latin America turning 15, known as the Quinceañera, is a rite of passage for girls, and celebrates the transition from childhood to young womanhood.


Pronounced JUKU in Japan, which also means “sorrows repeated”, the number 19 is a sign of carrying misfortune and is considered to be an unlucky age for women alongside 33 and 37.


In Japanese and Chinese the number four sounds similar to the word for “death”. To this day some buildings avoid having fourth floors to distance themselves from the association.


As a product of three times seven, the number twenty-one has long been considered a symbol of perfection. In the West, twenty-one is a symbol of responsibility and adulthood.


They say all good things come in pairs, and in China number two is a lucky number for that exact reason.


The day of Christmas, and if you’re born on that day you’ll be blessed with good fortune according to Scottish folklore.


Considered the unluckiest number in Italy, 17 translates as XVII in Roman numerals. This can be rearranged to VIXI meaning “I have lived”, a phrase commonly found on tombstones.


In ABY 34 (After the Battle of Yavin), Luke Skywalker watched a hologram, kept by R2-D2, of his father leading the slaughter at the Jedi Temple. May the Force be with you Luke.


Who said maths wasn't sexy? Sexy primes are prime numbers that differ from each other by six, e.g. 5 and 11. And yes, they are actually called sexy primes (it's from the Latin).


Known as Seven Sleepers Day; should rain fall in Germany on June 27 it is believed that the downpour will continue for the next seven weeks.


Whilst many of us consider this an unlucky number, in Italy it is a sign of good fortune with their expression “fare tredici” meaning “to hit the jackpot”.


In craps, there are 36 possible outcomes when you roll a pair of dice. And we bet you don´t know how you say 36 in Swahili. That´ll be "Thelathini na sita"-


November 11 is St Martin’s Day in Ireland and it’s thought that if one sprinkles the blood of a goose on the ground they will be blessed with good luck.


To be single on your 30th birthday in Germany is considered terrible luck and in tradition, men are made to sweep the steps of the city hall until released by the kiss of an unmarried woman.


The number eight symbolises many things in Hinduism and is considered lucky bringing abundance and wealth.


St George’s Day in England arrives on April 23 and it’s thought that if lights are seen in the evening it’s a sign you will prosper.


One mustn’t speak the number 10 amongst the Kikuyu tribe in Kenya as it is said to bring the most awful luck.


A hand with five fingers (excluding the thumb) is seen as a sacred symbol evoking the pantheon of five supreme gods in Bulgarian folklore.


St John’s Day falls on the 24th day in June where in Europe hidden treasures are said to lie open in lonely places, just waiting for the lucky finder.


In the Philippines both 16 of June and December are considered to be lucky days.


One of 3 "Master Numbers" in numerology along with 11 and 22. If you believe in that sort of thing of course....


In Britain seeing a lone magpie is a bad omen, with the famous rhyme claiming, “One for sorrow”.


In Europe June 20 marks a very special day. Midsummer’s Eve is the most romantic day of the year and it’s said that you will find the one you will fall in love with.


In Cantonese the number 14 sounds very similar to “must/will die”. So naturally in Malaysian Chinese culture it’s thought of as having terrible luck.


As well as Halloween, in English tradition October 31 would see children going door-to-door ‘souling’. Souling involves singing for sweet cakes and if received is seen as good luck.


Such is the good fortune of the number nine in Thailand, the Minister of Transport in the country spent $95,000 on a license plate which read ‘9999’.


There is a catch 22 if you are President of the US (the 22nd ammendment). No person can be elected to the office of the President more than twice.


In Cantonese, the number 18 sounds like “definitely get rich,” and is therefore highly thought of in China.


In Finland it’s lucky for a woman to propose to her partner on February 29. If turned down, the boyfriend must then pay her a fine.


In Ancient Rome, you would receive seven years of bad luck if you should break a mirror, certainly not making you the fairest of them all.


Should it rain in Bulgaria on May 28, St Spass Day, it is considered golden rain making the trees, grass, and fields grow healthier.


In Native American culture, if you encounter a cardinal good luck is expected to follow. That luck could come at noon or midnight, in 12 hours, or 12 days.


The Spanish stockmarket is called the IBEX 35 (or is that La Ruleta). The payout on a single roulette number if you win is 35:1


It may be the magic number but it’s also superstitious throughout the world. In Ireland the sight of three butterflies means a baby is on its way.


In the 12th month of the Chinese Lunar Calendar, sweet cakes named Nian-Gao are eaten on the 26th day to increase health and prosperity.


Don’t eat an egg before taking an exam in China or you will score zero in a test. This is because of the eggs resemblance to the lowest possible score.

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