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Premium Roulette Pro

Pro Roulette with Statistics, Advanced Bets and Custom Features

Best Casinos For Premium Roulette Pro

Premium Roulette Pro is a Playtech variant (other examples include Mini Roulette and the excellent 3D Roulette with a maximum bet of £200 on the even money payout bets (black/red), £400 on columns and dozens. and £20 on individual single numbers. This is an update version of Playtech’s Roulette Pro. Some people prefer the older version, so try it out for free below and make up your own mind.

This is a variant that is very customisable– hence the name “Pro”. You can change the viewing angle (close up to the wheel, or whole table view) by clicking on the movie icon, you can pick your own colour for the table, and you can even reverse the spin of the wheel and ball! In short, you can tailor the roulette wheel to your liking.

This is a European Roulette variant with lots of options. Others include autoplay (up to 50 spins), set your stop-loss, profit limits, view stats etc. A roulette table for the pros. It doesn’t have a racetrack betting display, so if you like playing more exotic bets like Voisins du Zero, you’d be better off playing 3D Roulette– also good.

Download the casino desktop or mobile app from for Premium Roulette Pro. Maximum bet is usually £200 on the even money bets (red/black etc), £400 on the dozens/columns and £20 on a single number bet.

Martingale System

This variant is especially handy for Martingale Roulette players, as it includes a “Double and Spin” option which just doubles your bet on your previous bet, and spins automatically. It’s really fast. Just make sure all your bets are cleared from the previous round. We like to just hit the “Clear Bets” button at the beginning of each round to make sure. There is nothing worse than winning a bet, only to find out you had left an old bet on there which wipes your profit out.