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Straight Up Bet

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A simple, classic roulette bet. One of the best.

Play Straight Up Bet at these Casinos

The straight up bet in roulette, is an inside bet (the corner bet is another example) on a single number (or group of single numbers). It pays out 35:1, but bear in mind that there are 37 numbers in a wheel (or 38 on an American Roulette wheel), so your odds are less. It’s one of the easiest and best roulette bets you can make on the table. Who doesn’t like a flutter on their lucky number?

People’s favourite numbers do drop in from time to time- check out this lucky lady´s story.

This bet is called “en plein” in French (the Finales en Plein bets are made up of a series of single number bets).

dozens bet roulette

The table above show straight-up bets on 8, 15, 17 and 22.

The Best Roulette Bet?

The Straight Up is the best roulette bet if you want to fully customise your table coverage. Thay are not as quick to play of course, which is fine on a virtual wheel, but if you are playing a live game, you might feel the time pressure when placing your bets.

This most famous of the inside roulette bets – betting on one number and hoping for it to come in – is a pretty risky strategy, so most people try and cover more of the table with low bets on multiple numbers. There is a strategy called the Pivot Roulette System where you bet one number- also know as the Makarov System (flat betting) or a selection of numbers, and hope that they drop in within 35 spins (kind of like playing the lottery on a roulette wheel this one).

If your number drops in before 35 spins have passed, you are in profit. At 35 spins, you break even. After that, you are on a loss. Other systems like the Caro System also talk about single-number bets (but you won´t actually play them!). The Shotwell Roulette System also uses single number bets.

Multi-Wheel Roulette

If you are playing strategies on single numbers like the Makarov System, you might want to try out some of the Multi-Wheel roulette games we have on the site. These variants allow you to bet on up to eight wheels at once which, if you are betting on single numbers, allows you to considerably sped things up.

Most of the games allow you to pick how many wheels you want to spin simultaneously. Just pick a number, choose the number of wheels you want to play and press spin.

Straight-Up Bet Tip

The fewer numbers you bet on, the lower your table cover and the lower your probability of your number coming in (but the higher the payout). You can balance that out by letting small cover bets “ride”. i.e. do multiple spins and hope for an early result.

Play Straight Up at UK Casino Club

The same theory applies for straight up bets, as it does for the outside bets like the dozens bet, in terms of which variants you should be playing and which you should be avoiding. If you bet on one number, you are not going to get paid if the ball lands in the zero pocket, and so it makes sense to play on a European Roulette game with one zero, rather than an American Roulette game with 2.

So how do you pick a single number, or a group of numbers? Well, I guess you use the same technique as when you play the National Lottery. Maybe you have a lucky number? Or pick birthdays. We have a whole section covering numbers in roulette that might help you.

Just remember that all the numbers have an equal probability of coming in and the wheel has no memory from spin to spin. It can be fun to track hot and cold numbers, but previuous results have no impact on future results. You are betting on one spin, not 10 spins.

Straight Up bets often form the core of more complex call bets, such as the Complete Roulette Bet, which is a popular play for high roller types. Check out this Pedro Grendene Bartelle roulette bet, for example. This guy won $3.5 million betting on the number 32 but he hedged himself slightly by covering the 8 numbers surrounding the number with Split Bets (bets on 2 adjacent numbers on the table).

Pros and Cons

  • At 35:1, the single number bet has the best payout on the table with the exception of speciality bets
  • Very flexible. Make up your own patterns of table coverage with custom bets.
  • If you have favourite numbers, you can easily cover them this way
  • Good for a quick side bet on other strategies
  • Low table coverage
  • Can be complex to play double up strategies like the Martingale with custom patterns

The Best Casino and Variant to Play the Straight up Bet?

This is basically the same question as “Which is the best Casino for playing roulette online?”, as the single number bet is ubiquitous. We’d plump for a Microgaming casino like Royal Vegas or a Playtech like bet365 Casino, both of which have a excellent choice of variants and are pretty fair to roulette players.


  • Why is the Single Number Bet Called a Straight Up bet?
    This probably comes from sports betting. A “straight up” bet refers to a stake where the bettor needs a horse, team or individual to win a game or event outright. If you bet on a team and they win then you win. If they lose then you lose. Outside bets like red have more nuance. You are betting on a “feature” of the number – in this case, it’s colour, in these types of outside bets.
  • What are there 36 numbers on a roulette wheel?
    Well, actually there are 37 (or 38) numbers if you include the zero (and double zero in american variants). In theory, there could be any number of pockets on a roulette wheel, in fact there are variants that we feature on Roulette17 that have 100. But roulette has developed over the years with 36 because it is a convenient number with which to divide the wheel into zones. So you can halve 36 to 18, and divide again by 2 to 9. You can split the wheel into thirds (for columns and dozens bets), and so on. It makes for some interesting betting possibilities.
  • What is the Pay-out on a single number bet?
    If your number comes in, you will win 35x your bet, plus you will get your original bet back.