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Martingale Dozens

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Use Martingale Dozens at these Casinos

This is a variation of the Martingale System that is played with Dozens Bets (or Columns) instead of the even money bets. The idea is to cover 2/3 of the table (or just under if we count the zero) instead of just under half the table. The advantage of this negative progression system over the standard Martingale, is that the probability of you winning each bet is higher (as you are covering more of the table). But, the progression is more aggressive, as you need to cover your losses on 2 dozens on a winning bet and on 1 dozen on a winning bet (since only one of your bets will ever win- the other is a hedge)

Increase After a Loss
Just like in the Martingale, you increase your bets after a loss. But you will need to increase them more than by a factor of 2 to claw back your losses.

Let’s take a look at a sequence of bets on 2 dozens (you can also play this on the columns of course). We’ll look at a scenario where you suffer consecutive losses

Bet 1: £1 + £1 = £2 LOSS
At this point you need to clear more than £2 to cover your loss. If you bet £2 + £2, you will be up £4 on your winning dozen, but down £2 on your losing dozen, so a net £2. In order to clear a profit, you need to bet £3.

Bet 2: £3 + £3 = £6 LOSS (running total is now £8 loss)
At this point you need to bet £9 on each dozen to clear £9 (you make £6 on your winning bet and take off the losing dozen).

As you can see, in order to clear at least £1 from a sequence of losses, you need to triple your bet on each column bet (or dozen).

Standard Martingale Progression

Martingale Dozens Progression

Quick Guide to Martingale Dozens

-Repeat your bets after a win, or revert back to your original bet if you win after a sequence of losses.
-Triple your bet on each dozen/column after a loss, (go back to your starting bet once you win.
-You can switch your bets between columns and dozens if you like to mix it up a bit. The odds are the same.
-You can start off small on a low stakes game like 20p roulette, for example.

Then you have plenty of room to cover losses (OK, so you are not going to win a fortune playing penny bets, but it’s a good place to start. You can always increase your bets if you feel comfortable.
-Keep it short. You are going to run out of luck at some point. May as well do it while you are ahead.
-Have a clear profit target and stop loss before playing. DON’T go over them.
-Play this on the dozens or columns, or any combination of numbers that covers 24 numbers (4 six line bets for instance)

Pros and Cons

  • Large area of the table covered
  • Can work in short sessions
  • Obviously, the steep progression. Your bets will ramp up fast, and before you know it, you’ll have hit the table maximums (over which you cannot cover your losses)
  • Also, like the Martingale, you can end up betting a large amount for a small overall profit.

Be careful with this system! It’s very risky and very aggressive (try the Piquemouche for a lower risk system). Test it out first on a basic roulette demo (it’s fast and you can get a feel for the risk involved).You are effectively hoping to keep any runs of losses down to a minimum by covering just under 2/3 of the table.

The Best Casino and Variant for Martingale Dozens

We’d recommend playing 3D roulette at Betfair casino for this strategy.