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Square Ro-Let

Online Roulette Guide

Use Square Ro-Let at these Casinos

In 1998 a guy called Jack Wise Kennedy published a book called “Square Ro-let” where he showcased a roulette system called Positional roulette. The system is basically a combination of follow the previous colour and dealer signature (hence is only really applicable to land-based roulette or at least live tables).

There is no progression- just flat betting- try it out on live Club Roulette or any other live dealer game. Here we break down the system to give you a good idea of how to play it. You can basically think of it as a “Same Colour Neighbours Strategy”.

Let’s talk you through how to play the Square Roulette System.

How to play the Square Ro-let System

Ro-Let System Positional Roulette

You’ll need to have the above image handy- one for playing European roulette and the other for American wheels. Note the zero pockets are also coloured red and black.

-Either bet one or two groups of 4 numbers, (4 or 8 single bets). If in doubt, bet 8.
-Bet on numbers that are the same colour as the previous spin.
-The groups of 4 numbers can be generated on the chart- you are looking for numbers grouped together on the wheel in the same colour. (ie. 0, 9, 30. 7 on an American wheel or 32,19,21,25 on a single zero wheel). You select the numbers by going either clockwise or anti-clockwise from the previous number. In the example above, you may have seen 14 drop in, for example on the American Wheel or 34 on the European version.
-If you play a number and it comes in, leave a chip on it (let the bet ride) and work your other bets from there).
-Try to avoid cold numbers that have not appeared in the last 37 spins or so- may live roulette wheels will highlight these numbers.
-When betting zero, make sure it sits at the end of the group and not in the middle. You can always play a Voisins du Zero bet from time to time is you are desperate to do this!


In summary, the crux of the system is that you either play the 4 numbers before the last number (on the wheel) of the same colour) or the set after, or both.
The only fixed bit of this strategy is that you need to bet numbers that are the same colour as the previous result using the charts provided. You decide whether to place 1 or 2 sets based on your appetite for risk,

Remember, you are flat betting- there is no progression in this system. You are fishing for hot zones and runs of colours around the previous result.

Only bet on the previous number if it won for you on the last spin.

Pros of Positional Roulette

-The main advantage of this system is that it is medium risk- this being a flat betting system, your bets are not going to spiral out of control like they can on a more aggressive strategy like the Martingale or even the Triple Martingale.
-It’s also highly systematic. You have a chart to follow and some simple rules- that’s it.
-Having said that- there is still room for some variation. So, you can bet one set of 4 sequential numbers of the same colour or 2. And if you bet one, you can build out the set either clockwise or anti-clockwise from the previous result.

To reduce your risk, bet 2 sets- that will give you a greater table coverage of course.


The system is based on finding hot zones, so this isn’t going to work if you are playing RNG online roulette which represents a perfect wheel. The result of any spin bears no relation to the result of previous spins (that’s the Gambler’s Fallacy). The idea here, is that there is some kind of wheel bias, or dealer signature. You are only going to get this on a live roulette wheel or at a land-based casino.

Sorry to have to break it to you, but these days the imperfections on modern days wheels are minuscule. People looking for hot zones generally employ trackers and computers to help them, like the gang who took on the Ritz in London, for example.

That said, this can be a fun system to test. We’d recommend the live roulette at Betfair Casino for this system- they have quite a choice.