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Triple Martingale

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A very aggressive Negative Progression System. Play with Caution!

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We include the Triple Martingale System here, but with a huge health warning. This is a very risky strategy, and you should treat this system with “kid gloves”.

Be very careful. If you are more risk averse (or should we say sensible), there are plenty of other low risk roulette system options out there to try, like the 2 Up 2 Down strategy, for example

This is an even more aggressive system than the Martingale (which is in itself risky) and even the Super Martingale.

Many people play the even money outside bets on the Martingale- and that’s because you are better off covering a larger % of the table if you are playing riskier systems- it’s just common sense.

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In the Triple Martingale, you are going to be covering even more of the table, playing the columns or dozens typically (although you can play it on the even money bets).

Just like the Martingale, you increase your bets after a loss to try and claw back losses (it’s a negative roulette progression), but you increase them at a faster rate.

In the Martingale you use the following betting profile: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128. You double your bet after a win.
In the Triple Martingale, you triple your bet after a loss, so the progression goes:

1, 3, 9, 27, 81, 243.

It’s pretty clear that this is a steep curve- bets ramp up quickly (and all to claw back losses) so this is not for the risk averse.

Reducing Your Risk

To counteract this aggressive profile, you will be covering more of the table, so instead of covering half of the table as you typically would in the Martingale, you are going to be betting on 24 numbers (say 2 out of 3 columns or 2 out of the 3 dozens bets). You decide how you are going to cover 24 numbers, just make sure that you don’t overlap and you are betting on just under two thirds of the area on the wheel.

Hopefully, this is going to mean that you will expereince smaller sequences of consecutive losses. Of course, this is roulette, so you might be really unlucky and hit the table limits after a sequence of losses. This system is also known as the Cubic Martingale for obvious reasons.

Triple Martingale Roulette Example

If one of your numbers comes in, you’ll be paid out 2:1. So say you bet 1 on each column (total 2), you’d get £2 back, plus your winning bet- £3, in other words. So you would make a profit of 1 on a £2 investment.

Lets say you lost. You’d be £2 down. In the next round, you bet £3 on each dozen (for example). If you win at this stage, you would get £6 back, plus your winning bet- so £9. So you would have made a profit of £3 on the second spin (remember, you have lost £3 on the losing column). Overall, again, you would be £1 up when you take in to account the £2 you lost in the first round.

And so on…….

Pros and Cons

  • If the Triple Martingale pays off, it pays off faster than the standard Martingale
  • Can be useful on Column or Dozens Bets
  • Very Risky. Don’t play this for long
  • Bets after a loss can quickly ramp up so you are risking many chips for a relatively small return
  • You will hit the table limits faster with this strategy

You can also use the Triple Martingale on the even money chances of course, but we would advise against this. There is a possibility of you hitting the table limits playing the standard Martingale- there is a very strong possibilty that you would hit them playing the Triple.

If you do want to increase risk, you can also play roulette street bets. 8 street bets gives you a coverage of just under 2/3 of the table of course, the same coverage as 2 columns or 2 dozens bets. So you could bet 7 as a halfway house between playing 2 dozens and the even money bets like red or black.

More Advice on this System

We’d advise you to stick with the 2/3 coverage (or just under- remember there is a zero).

As with the Martingale, another way that you can hedge against hitting the table limits and thus being unable to claw back losses, is to start your progression off low and give yourself ample room to soak up consecutive losses. Of course, then it takes a while to grind out a profit, so it’s a balance. The higher the table limits, the more aggressive you can be at the start (but the riskier the system).

It is still a possibility that the ball will land 6 times consecutively in the 35% of the table you have not covered. Another reason to keep your sessions short, and bet as if you had an uncomfortable seat. The longer you spend at the table, the more likely you are of seeing one of those dreaded runs of consecutive losses. Try and avoid them.

Triple Martingale Tips

Remember, this is a very aggressive strategy, so your bets are going to ramp up fast if you have a run of losses. Always start with a low bet and limit the amount of rounds that you play.

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