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Tier et Tout

Online Roulette Guide

Use Tier et Tout at these Casinos

tier et tout

“Tier et Tour” is a roulette system that tries to help you build up a profit using the casino’s money. Sounds good? Well, in theory, it’s good, but it does rely on you avoiding long string of losses.

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Here’s how it works.

You start with a pot of money which you split into one third and 2 thirds. Let’s say we start with £90, for example.

Your split is going to be £30 and £60 (apologies for the basic level of this explanation, but we find it´s always better to keep it simple when explaining roulette systems)!

Your first bet will be £30. If you lose that bet, you will bet £60. You are aiming to win in at least 2 spins.
If you win at wither stage 1 or stage 2, your pot will be £120.

Now we split into thirds and 2 thirds again, so £40 and £80. A successful bet on either of these takes your pot to £160, and so on. If you get to the stage where the betting pool is indivisible by 3, then round it down and “bank” the extra.

On this example, the betting pool progresses as follows, assuming that you win within 2 spins. Remember that you are only betting 1/3 OR 2/3 on each round, depending on whether you win or lose the first or 2nd bet at each stage.

Bet Summary

Here’s a summary of how your bets would go:
£160 (Bank £10 and reduce to £150)
£370 (Bank £10 and reduce to £360)
and so on.

These are big bets that would suitable for risk takers, but you can set the initial bet how you like, as long as it is divisible by three.

Bank Your Profit as You Go

As you can see from the profile above, if you can manage to win at least every 2 spins, you should get to the stage where you can bank profit. This is quite important, because if you don’t, you are going to wipe yourself out at some point when you do lose twice in a row. Set a profit target and stop when you hit it (don’t be too greedy) OR, stop when you lose twice in a row.

If you can bank enough, you will end up betting with the casino’s money.

Of course it is hard to limit your losses to only one in a row, i.e. non consecutive losses. You can amend this system to give you more room for consecutive losses.


This is an interesting system, as it is a mix of a negative progression like Labouchere Roulette and the tamer Two Up Two Down System (where you increase your bets after a loss to claw back profits) and a positive progression like the Reverse Fibonacci. One of the problems with positive progressions, is that your profit is wiped out after your first loss, so you need to be able to pull out before then- this is against human nature, and it’s hard. The Tier et Tout give you a bit more leeway.