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Makarov Biarritz System

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Use Makarov Biarritz System at these Casinos

casino biarritz

This is a very simple roulette system designed by a player called Alexander Makarov. It is also called the Biarritz system, as he used to play it at the Casino Biarritz- a resort in the South West of France (which incidentally is one of the world´s top surfing spots, so there you go!)

Play the Biarritz at Virgin

The idea behind the system is to pick one number, and to flat bet the same number (straight-up bets) hoping that the number drops in within 35 spins.

The earlier your number wins, the more profit you will make. The later it drops in, the less profit you will make, and if your number doesn´t appear within 36 spins, you’ll lose the lot if you stop there, or you lose an amount depending on when the number does drop in.

Most people will stop after 36, or 37 spins (as there are 37 pockets on a European Roulette table). 38 if you are playing American Roulette of course. If you don’t like progression systems, especially ones that ramp up quickly like the Triple Martingale, then you may want to test this one out.

If you want to speed things up you can always bet on more than one wheel at once, so for example you can play up to 6 wheel simultaneously on this Multi Wheel roulette. There’s also a Microgaming multiple roulette wheel game where you can play on up to 8 wheels at once.

The Basic Outcomes of this System are:

– Your number drops in on the 36th spin. You break even, as you get paid out at 35:1, plus you get your last bet back.
– Your lucky number turns up before the 35th spin. You make a profit- the earlier it shows, the more profit you make.
– Your number is a no show- You lose £36.

Some players sit out 100 spins and then start betting on what they perceive to be a “hot number” (repeater) or a “cold number” (in the hope that it will drop in).

Spot The Obvious Mistake

If you have visited the site before, and have read our other articles on techniques like the Martingale System, you´ll probably have spotted the obvious flaw in this system. The wheel (or the ball for that matter) has no memory, so if you are basing your strategy on any theory that relies on “hot numbers” or “cold numbers”, then you are going to go astray.

You´ll experience the same house edge playing this system as you would laying down a punt on red or black- but this system is riskier in the short term as you are covering less table. The longer you play, the more things even out obviously, as you´ll start to see a wider distribution of numbers dropping in, but just remember- at the start of every spin, wipe your memory, and understand that you have a 1/37 chance of your number coming in.

I guess this can be a fun way to play for limited sessions, but we see it as more of a novelty. If your number drops in early, then you are going to be in for an adrenaline rush, but whatever you do don’t chase losses on this system. Play your 36 spins and take the loss on the chin if you don´t win. There are some players who start to progress their bets (doubling to 2 after 36 spins and continuing for another 36). We would advise against this.