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Oscar's Grind Sytem

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Use Oscar's Grind Sytem at these Casinos

oscar's grind system

This is a very simple system (often it’s the simple things that are the best). It´s not a 100% winning roulette strategy (no system is, sorry to have to break the bad news!), but it does allow you to manage your risk.

The Oscar’s Grind System is a relatively low risk roulette system that is a positive progression. By that we mean you increase your bets after a win, in order to try and accelerate profits through winning streaks. Other examples of Positive Progressions include the Reverse Martingale, The Reverse Labouchere and the Reverse Fibonacci.

Play Oscar’s Grind on Virgin’s Excellent Roulette Splendide.

So how does it work? Well, you’ll want some decent table coverage on your bets with the Oscar’s Grind System, as you need the wins to keep ticking in. So play this on outside bets- say even/odd bets, or at least columns and dozens.

First off, decide on your progression.

This could be 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 if you are risk averse.
Or 10-20-30-40 if you fancy taking more of a punt.
Or 10-11-12-13-14 if you are somewhere in between.

Then play your starter bet. Let’s assume we are the risky type. We’d bet £10.
Each time you win, increase your bets by £10 (compare this to the Reverse Martingale where you double your bets after a win). So your next bet is £20. If you win again your next bet is £30.

If you lose, always bet the starting number- so in this case it’s £10.

Now- here is the important bet. Give yourself a target of how many wins you think you can achieve in a row. Many players go for 3 (the progression would then be 1,2,3) or 4 (1,2,3,4). If you hit the 3 in a row, or 4 in a row, head back to the starter bet as well.

Why? Well, this just makes good sense. You are not going to win every bet you make. You WILL lose at some point. Don’t be greedy, and “bank”your profits along the way. In this way you can “grind” out a profit- hence the name- the Oscar’s Grind System.

Disadvantage To Oscar’s Grind

I guess this is pretty obvious- a run of losses is going to put you in the red, and you’ll need to string together a sequence of wins to get out of the hole. However, unlike the Reverse Martingale, you are not going to wipe out all of your profit in one losing bet.

As always, set a stop loss and take profit target before your session. Don’t change them, and leave the tabel if you hit them.

The Best Casino and Variant for Oscar’s Grind

This is a simple system to play- so we’d go for a simple roulette wheel- you are not going to need all the call bets and Martingale betting options. Play Virgin Roulette and play their Splendide variant.