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Roulette Splendide

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Play Roulette Splendide at these Casinos

Test out Roulette Splendide, a simple, yet slick variant you’ll find on Virgin Roulette below.

Roulette Splendide is one of the prettiest roulette games around. It’s pretty simple and well designed- with a basic racetrack betting area for the more famous Call bets like Voisins du Zero, Orhphelins and Tiers. This is a one zero pocket Roulette with a nice graphic video clip of the action. Plus, it doesn’t have any background music which can be annoying- just some low key background sound from a casino to give you a bit more atmosphere.

If you want a giggle, compare the graphics on this roulette to something a bit more basic such as Real Deal roulette, and you’ll appreciate how much the games have moved on