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American Roulette Game (Net Ent).

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Best Casinos For Net Ent American Roulette

If you know your way around, you’ll know that we aren’t a great fan of American Roulette as the odds are better if you play European or French varieties. That said, some players still insist upon playing it, so who are we to argue? We´d recommend Royal Panda Casino- it also has European and French variants should you change your mind later!

The American Roulette game is from Net Entertainment, and is similar to the European NetEnt Roulette we have on the site. The only difference being the extra zero pocket (00) of course- that’s the definition of American Roulette, and the colour of the baize which is blue rather than green.

Oh, and the odds are lower, but we have already mentioned that. RTG Roulette also do an American variant (Real Time Gaming)- this one looks really dated! Net Ent also do a mini roulette game– but this is more of a novelty side game for sports books.

How to Play American Roulette from Net Ent

The payout percentage is 94.74%

Place inside and outside bets. There’s also a favourite bets panel, race track (call bets) bets, hot and cold numbers display, a dynamic billboard and an auto-play function.

American roulette is characterised by the extra “00” box on the roulette wheel, and the “00” betting section on the betting table. Plus the sequence of the numbers on the roulette wheel differ from its French and European Roulette counterparts.

Race Track Bets

The Race Track betting display can be activated by clicking on its corresponding button in the game. Usually, you would play these kinds of bets on a European or French table, but the theory is the same in this American Roulette game. So you can place Neighbour bets, for example- such as neighbour 3 on number 22 which would be a bet on numbers 32, 17, 5, 22, 34, 15 and 3.

Favourite Bets

Click on the button with a star-symbol on the bottom left of the game to launch the “Favorite Bets” menu. Save your favourite bets here so that you can play custom bets again easily.

Dynamic Stats

There’s also a Stats button- click on it to get a more detailed view of the game history. Just a warning here- remember the “Gambler’s Fallacy” which is the belief that previous events will somehow influence future events on a roulette wheel (eg you see 5 reds in a row, you think a black is more likely to drop in on the next spin). The wheel has no memory! Each spin is a mutually exclusive event.

With that in mind, you can use the following betting options here: Red or Black, Odd or Even and Hot or Cold numbers. It won’t improve your odds though!

Betting Limits

The minimum bet is £1 and the maximum bet is £500 (on the outside bets).

Other settings

You can change a number of settings such as:

Auto play: spin the wheel automatically for a certain number of spins.
Music : switch the background music on or off or lower or increase the volume.
Beside the above mentioned icons there’s the wrench icon that allows you to configure the following settings:

Dealer: switch the dealer’s voice on or off or change its volume
Quick Play: switch on “Turbo Play”.
And others….


If you must play American Roulette, this is as good a variant as any! A very well thought out, compact design that is free of the clutter you often find on more high tech roulette variants.