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Lightning Roulette offers payouts up to 500x your bet
A highly entertaining package.

Lightning Roulette offers payouts up to 500x your bet in a highly entertaining package.

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Evolution Gaming has gone all atmospheric with Lightning Roulette: a highly charged, fast-paced live dealer game for those of you who like your games to be of volatile and high tempo.

They moved the bar when they launched this game and it’s a concept that has since been copied by other suppliers.

If you are thinking “Where can I play Lightning Roulette?”, we’d suggest either All British Casino or Grand Ivy.

This Evolution game has proved very popular with players alongside its sister game Immersive Roulette and other creations including Dream Catcher. They have certainly matched their previous creative successes – visually it’s stunning.

Play Lightning Roulette at All British Casino – one of many Evolution live casino games they have in their Roulette Lobby.

Pros and Cons

  • For pure entertainment value, Lightning Roulette takes some beating
  • Opportunity to win up to 500x your bet
  • Good statistics pack.
  • Includes a racetrack betting option
  • Save your favourite bets
  • Single-number bets only pay 29:1. Unless Lightning Strikes of course.
  • Those dealers are chatty! That can be a good thing, but……
  • The 500x multiple doesn’t exactly land every spin.

Look and Feel

The whole vibe of Lighting Roulette is Las Vegas glitz – this game looks like it had the annual design budget thrown at it! It is high entertainment with all of the latest bells and whistles and about as far away from California Roulette (a more sedate card-based game) as you can get.

All the action takes place at a swanky black and gold studio, (think Las Vegas meets Liberace) with the screen space dominated by a wall-sized set of wheel numbers, overseen by a professional croupier: let’s call them your Host. Their job is to keep the drama levels at maximum.

At the bottom of the screen is a bespoke table top which is simple and intuitive for placing bets and reviewing the wheel’s number history. Once you’ve placed your bets, the screen is switched to a glitzy light-edge roulette wheel- this is Lightning Roulette, after all.

There is a system of lights that lets you know the current status of the game. Red means “no more bets”, yellow means “hurry up and place your bets” and green means “place your bets”.

When all the bets have been placed, the Host pulls a special lever and the wheel spins.

The Lighting Numbers drop in first with the multiplier numbers underneath. You can get up to 5 per spin, but often you’ll see 3.

And why is it called Lightning Roulette? Well, because a flash of lightning will strike up to 5 numbers and apply a multiple from between 50 and 500.

Multipliers of x50, x100, x200, x300, x400 and x500 are applied to up to 5 numbers per spin.

If you have made a bet on that number and the ball lands in its pocket, then you collect the boosted win.

Lightning Roulette Strategy Tips

This game is all about the Lightning Multiples. There is little point playing the Outside Bets like red/black and so on, as your bet won’t get struck by lightning, you will just get the standard pay-outs. If you want to bet 50% of the table, make up the coverage with single number bets and save it as a favourite. Or cover the table with Voisin du Zero or Tiers on the racetrack betting area. You can even cover the whole table and hope for an early strike.

Play Lightning Roulette at UK Casino Club

Lightning Roulette Game Play

lightning roulette game

With its big multipliers, you can see what all the fuss is about. This feature is in every single round of the game. Evolution has taken it to the competition – the likes of Authentic Roulette are going to have to up their game!

When lightning strikes, check the results for those one to five electric numbers.

The game is great at building the drama, too. Once the betting round is closed, with that big lever, it’s Frankenstein’s lab meets the Lotto! The game has a high-tech steampunk vibe.

Another nice feature is that you can see how all the other players are betting: the numbers that are seeing lots of action quiver and vibrate depending on the number of bets that they are receiving.

And another Tip…..

Rather than make up your bets with single numbers (to get in on the Lightning Multiplier action), make Call Bets off the Racetrack betting layout (Voisins, Tiers etc). This way you will be able to cover more of the table (wider spread) while still taking advantage of the big multipliers.

Speed it Up!

You can click or Tap on the “Spin Now” button and if all the players at the table do the same, the Host will spin the wheel before the full “Lay Your Bets” interval has expired. You can also make the same bet as the last round with the Repeat button, double your bet with the Double button, use Auto-play or chat with other players and the Host.


Evolution Gaming has created a hit here: a good addition to their stable of games. With its slick interface, the big multipliers and the game’s brash look, Lightning Live Roulette is one of Evolution’s most popular games.

Another great variant from the masters of live gaming with multipliers from fifty to five hundred to one.


Lightning Roulette
If you play Outside Bets
Number of Zeros
La Partage
Lightning Storm, x500 max payouts
R17 Score
Main features
500×1 maximum payout
Progressive Jackpot
Min/Max Bets
0.20 – 10,000.00 depends on the casino
Mobile Version
Yes- works well



  • Are there any other games similar to Lightning Roulette?
    Yes. Since Evolution launched this game, it has inspired quite a few launches that are, how shall we say, similar. The most famous is Playtech’s Quantum Roulette.
  • How does the Casino Afford the Big 500x Multiplier?
    The casino maintains its house edge on this game by dropping the payout on single number bets to 29:1. You get your original bet back if you win of course, so 30:1 returned. The normal payout on a straight up bet is 35:1. So obviously if you make single number bets, and you don’t get hit by lightning, the RTP on this game is lower. But hopefully you get the 500x multiple lightning strike early on in your session.

About Evolution Gaming

Lightning Roulette is not the only smash hit that Evolution Gaming has developed. They also created Live Dream Catcher (with a Wheel of Fortune) and some of the best live dealer games out there- our favourite being Immersive Roulette with its high-quality production quality: multiple camera angles, beautiful croupiers and slow motion replays.

Other favourites include their Slingshot Auto games which are good if you like to play fast on a real wheel (good for the Martingale), Dual Play Roulette which is a combination of an online and land-based game where you play at real casino wheels around the world and finally Double Ball Roulette, which has 2 balls spinning around the wheel instead of one.

If you like to play fast, you should also try Speed Roulette which lives up to its name even though it is a live dealer game It takes just 25 seconds from spin to spin, which is around half the time of other live games.

Of course, you won’t be enjoying any slow-motion replays on this one!

Play at Fun Casino

Fun Casino has most of the Evolution range including Lightning Roulette and their virtual games