Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette

Evolution Gaming has just gone all atmospheric with the highly-charged Lightning Roulette, its hotly-anticipated new live roulette game for those of you who like your online wheel spin to be of the volatile and up tempo variety- what’s not to like?

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If you are thinking "Where can I play Lightning Roulette?", we'd suggest either Royal Panda or Wombat Casino.

This latest venture from Evolution couldn’t have higher expectations after the company’s smash success with sister game Dream Catcher. I wanted to find out if Evolution could match their previous creative success or whether Lightning Roulette was simply a rather large flash in the pan! 

The Lightning Roulette at Wombat Casino - is one of many Evolution live casino games they have in their Roulette Lobby.

Look and feel

The whole vibe of Lighting Roulette is pure money- this game really looks like it has had the whole cheque book chucked at it! This is all about high entertainment with the latest bells and whistles - it's about as far away from California Roulette (a more sedate card based game) as you can get.

Here you have all the live action taking place at a super swanky black and gold studio, (think Las Vegas meets Liberace) and here you have the screen space dominated by a wall-sized set of the wheel numbers, which are overseen by a professional croupier but given this is an auto format game, let’s call them a host and they help to keep the drama of play up too, more of this later.

At the lower part of the screen is your bespoke table top which is simple and pretty intuitive for placing bets and reviewing the wheel’s number history. Once you’ve placed those bets then naturally the screen is switched to a glitzy light-edge roulette wheel- after all, this is Lightning Roulette. And why is it called Lightning Roulette? Well because in the case of this game, lightning really can strike twice. In fact, every round, lightning will strike 5 numbers and will apply a multiple from between 50 and 500 to one. As the guy in the video clip says below...let me say that again. Between 50 and 500 to one. And if you happen to have made a bet on that number and it drops in then it's Happy Days.


lightning roulette gameSo you can see what all the fuss is about.  The biggest factor has to be theses massive multipliers that are up for grabs, and better still these eye-watering multipliers are in every single round of the game! These guys are really taking it to the competition - the likes of Authentic roulette are going to have to up their game!

When I say big multipliers I have to admit to being amazed- each round there is the prospect of generating a 500 to 1 multiplier-now that is a game changer and let’s face it, who isn’t going to have their interest piqued by those digits? After all, this could literally be a big money spinner.

So how does it work? Clearly this is a smooth live roulette game but with bells on. Not only does this game look the part of a dream boat, as you’ve already read, but it also offers a good solid roulette experience before you even throw in the fire power of the gold-plated multiplier. The set looks absolutely stunning.

Numbers are selected at random to become the multipliers, if the ball lands on these then you get your multiplier payout. What’s better is that oh so dramatic lighting flash that is used as the tool to pick those all-important numbers and it’s this magnetically charged potential to hit a whacking great payout that earns this nifty game its title.

When that longed for lightning strikes, between one and five numbers are chosen at random to become the multipliers and this happens on every round!

Get the Full Lightning Roulette Low Down From the Horse's Mouth: Evolution Gaming!

I loved the high drama element of the lightning, once the bets close the host literally flicks a massive electricity handle to get the lightning to strike-think the amazing laboratory of Frankenstein combined with mega bucks potential! The game has a kind of high tech steam punk vibe going on.

What I really liked about Lightning Roulette is another cool gimmick, where you get a real sense of what the competition is betting on too. Here the numbers that are seeing betting action quiver and vibrate depending on the amount of bets that individual numbers are receiving. This is not only intriguing from the point of view of a competitive edge, who doesn’t like to know the skinny? - but it also adds another layer to the game play. It's moving the game into social sharing territory, where you can get an idea of what bets are coming in from around the world. This gives you a real sense that people are winning and that the game is all fair and square.


Evolution Gaming have created a big beast which is a strong addition to their stable of hit games. With the slick interface, the brain-tingling multipliers and the game’s over the top look which is a camp romp, Live Lighting Roulette will long be lighting up the fans “to do” list. Another smash hit from the masters of live gaming with multipliers from fifity to five hundred to one.

Everyone playing has the sense of what everybody else is doing and they have the chance to scoop some huge wins.

About Evolution Gaming

Live Lightning Roulette is not the only smash hit that Evolution Gaming have on their hands. They also produce Live Dream Catcher (kind of like a Wheel of Fortune) and some of the best live roulette out their- our favourite being Immersive Roulette which has a production quality that is out of this world, with it's multiple camera angles, beautiful croupiers and slow motion playback.

Other favourites of ours include their Slingshot Auto-Roulette games which is great for those of you who like to play fast on a real wheel (like you Martingale players), Dual Play Roulette which is a mash up of online and landbased where you get to play at real casinos around the world and Double Ball Roulette, which is a neat twist on the game where 2 balls spins around the wheel instead of one.

If you like fast, you can also opt for their Speed Roulette which, despite the fact that it is a live dealer games, is turbo charged! It takes just 25 seconds to go from spin to spin, which is around half the time of other games like Immersive. Of course, there is an impact on the entertainment angle: you won't be enjoying any slo-mo replays on this one!