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Great Rhino Roulette

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Extreme Live Gaming have come up with a thrilling African wildlife stonker of a game that’s a hybrid between a slot game and a live croupier-led game just like Diamond Strike Roulette which is similar but is themed on diamonds. Now that’s not a combo that Mother Nature’s come up with before!

Great Rhino Roulette

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Great Rhino transports you to a whole other time and place and in this case it’s to where the Great Rhino ranges on the vast grasslands of the Serengeti, in faraway Africa.

Great Rhino Roulette is a game where you get to not only experience a live roulette game with all the drama and atmosphere that you feel in a land based casino, but with the convenience you feel when you’re gaming in your PJs at home, or on the move, after all who knows if you’re dressed as James or Jemima Bond, or even as a great explorer!

Look and feel

Great Rhono Roulette Game

Great Rhino Roulette places you firmly in an online gaming space where you have a smartly dressed live croupier, next to the live and spinning roulette wheel. So it looks similar to many games out there like London Roulette, for instance except behind the professional croupier is a reminder of where you are, in the sun kissed grasslands of the Great Rhino’s homeland.

To the right of the croupier is a giant reel which hint again at the fact that the game isn’t just a live roulette game, it’s part slot too. This slot reels allow you to place side bets to spice up the action if you want to double up on the excitement as you play.

Here the designers have really taken the great outdoors theming all the way with a mud background to the area under the play table! Now that’s what I can immersive. It’s got the same design quality as Live Hippodrome Roulette and that’s saying something, as that happens too be one of our favourite games.

The lower half of the screen is a simple play table with an additional racetrack on the right if you like to make your bets in Orphelins or similar.


The roulette wheel is set up for the European game which as all roulette fans know, hands the edge to the player and away from the house. And the set up for this game is simple. The betting table and the wheel are easy on the eye and simple to use for a novice player in the roulette world or someone who’s just trying out this African themed hybrid game for the first time. And this game works handily across all devices allowing your African adventure to travel with you!

The giant slot reel adds a little more authenticity to this African themed game with some of the icons of play being a collection of creatures from this grassland including hyenas and flamingos.

If you like to play a more technical roulette game, to the right of the slot reel, you can find the statistics from the last eight rounds of both the roulette wheel and the slot reel. Let’s face it, a little game history goes a long way in helping you to choose which numbers are hot and which are not.

This is a game with a sociable side too. What’s the point playing with a live dealer if you can’t interact with them? Well, Great Rhino Roulette has a handy chat window where that you can activate so that you can chat with your croupier too. As you’d expect, the croupier welcomes you to the game and is good at keeping that live vibe in action.


This game provides a great introduction to live roulette for those of you who are slot fans and equally gives roulette lovers are way to indulge in a roulette game with a whole new twist. And after all, who doesn’t want to experience the buzz of a land based casino with the call of the wild to bring extra spice to your roulette game?