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Prestige Roulette – Live

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Where to Play Prestige Roulette

Prestige Roulette

Playtech’s Live Prestige Roulette is a live thrilling ride into the world of live online roulette play, here is a game that means that you get a top class casino experience all from the comfort of your front room. It’s not as quick as Authentic Roulette Turbo, but it has a really premium feel. This one’s for the high rollers and VIPs out there.

The game gives the player a slick slice of live casino action with a croupier to oversee play, without having to step away from your own internet connection. This is a game that can be played on the hoof as well as from the ease of your own PC. It has a High Definition quality which helps to make that casino feel real.

Prestige Roulette gives players a brilliant chance to feel the thrill and vibe that is usually reserved for those gamblers lucky enough to step into a top-notch casino and we’d put it right up there with Lightning Roulette from Evolution for adrenaline generation (although the later wins that competition with its 500x multiples).

In Prestige, a smartly dressed professional croupier sits next to a full sized roulette wheel where they spin the wheel and call out the winning numbers as well as giving players the prompts they need to make for a heady ride on the roulette wheel!

Look and feel


This live roulette game is set apart from competitors by its contact with the croupier and the environment of the game. This is a game where the roulette play from the Live Prestige Roulette studio casino has been designed to make for a truly immersive experience served up, thanks to the multiple angled camera shots of the wheel and the croupier, this makes for a more personal feeling to the game which is something usually felt in a land-based casino. You can keep close to action thanks to this well-thought out game design. The action is beamed from a special studio (as opposed to games like Authentic Platinum Roulette which are beamed from an actual casino).

This game feels exclusive with a very smart and easy on the eye lay out for game play. The upper part of the screen gives you an up close and personal eye on the game in this bright setting, but the lower part of the screen is where your controls are seen. Here the bet table can be found. What’s handy is that you can hide the bet table once you’ve placed your bet, to focus all your attention on the action unfolding at the wheel and the ball. This is the area where you can keep a track of your bets, wins, repeat your favourite bets, and much, much more including game statistics and tipping your croupier, if Lady Luck smiles on your game.

Game play

Placing your bets is simple; just use your cursor to place a bet on the smart table top, using your different chips. There’s also a racetrack available for players who like to place special bets on neighbouring numbers, or want to cover sections of the roulette wheel with their dosh.

The game has been designed with a lively atmosphere in mind, the game’s tension is ramped up with clever additions like instant replays of the wins of the previous game.


This game is a great place both for a novice roulette player or an experienced player alike with its easy to use high-quality interface and its bright and bubbly atmosphere. It makes for an inviting place to spend time. It’s a game that feels pretty buzzy, thanks to the dramatic camera work and up beat wheel spin. Playtech’s Prestige Roulette feels like it comes with a smart price tag, but with a high fun factor too. Well worth a spin!