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Football Roulette

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In the wide world of live online gaming there can be few pairings as appealing, and long overdue as putting roulette and football together. Well there is World Cup Roulette I guess, but that is a virtual game.

What, I hear you cry, is Football Roulette?

Play Live Football Roulette at

Playtech, a big name in online gaming, has finally had a watershed moment and taken a pacey live roulette game – but set it to a background of live football updates.

Better still, as if this winning combination wasn’t enough already, the hosts and hostesses are fans of both games and add a talking shop element to the game. Probably the same chatty hosts you will see on Quantum Roulette, also from Playtech.

live football roulette

Football Roulette Look and Feel

Live Football Roulette has a full size roulette wheel in a live studio, attended by a professional croupier and fan. Behind your roulette wheel is a massive interactive screen, naturally a football pitch. This pitch is where live team updates and game scores are added.

Beneath the wheel you’ll see an intuitive bet table with all the usual options. This game caters for those of you who like to be a little continental and use the racetrack to place Call Bets on a group of numbers from a particular section of the wheel.

To the bottom right of the wheel you can select your bet chips and to the left you can check your balance. When you place bets the bet table overlays the wheel itself but once the wheel in in play the bet table takes a more lower screen position.

Game Play

This perfect pairing between football and roulette is based on the European variant of the game which reduces the House’s edge to 2.7% versus the American version. This game offers you a 37 pocket wheel with a single zero, thus the more favourable playing position, as the American version also has a double zero pocket.

The game is hosted by knowledgeable and enthusiastic croupiers with a passion for football. It is clear that a large part of this game’s appeal is based on the game generating plenty of buzz and banter to make for an exciting, up tempo atmosphere.

And there’s more: as with many live games, this game has live chat facility so that you can add to the commentary yourself, via typed messages. Cleverly this game creates an informal football forum, while you game. A winning formula.

For football lovers who like to dabble in the roulette world, this game has wide appeal with accessible bets that will earn it a broad fan base.

If you want to join the game an Outside or Inside bets come with a very affordable 0.50 bet amount which is a great start for novice gamers or the more cautious players. Straight up bets can be as high as £1000.

Don’t worry, Playtech loves you high rollers too. If you love the adrenalin of the oversized gaming thrills Football Roulette offers you a pulse pumping table limit of £80,000.

Again, as with live gaming this game offers up a host of statistics to give you hot and cold numbers and give you great information to back up your game strategy.


Football Roulette is the equivalent of having a football chat with your mates while you have a crack at the roulette wheel. What could be a better way to keep up with the latest football news with lively hosts and a quality game of roulette? A well thought out game and a marriage made in heaven.