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World Cup Roulette

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Play World Cup Roulette at these Casinos

If you think that you’ve already tried every permutation of the glorious world of roulette, then think again. In the wild world of the king of table games, anything goes, especially if you’re keen on ball games on a bigger scale. Welcome to the World Cup Roulette!

Football aficionados now have the chance to try and fill their roulette coffers while taking bets on the Beautiful game. A football and roulette combination- why not?

Play World Cup Roulette at Monkey Casino

Look and Feel

world cup roulette

Initially you’ll find yourself facing a smart bet table where the numbers of roulette are laid out. As far as the numbers look, there’s nothing particularly new unless you look closely at the right-hand corner. At the edge of the bet table, the words “World Cup Bet” are emblazoned.

So take a closer look and see that the green baize, synonymous with bricks and mortar casinos, has been replaced with the Astroturf of a football pitch. It’s time to put the ball in the back of the net. I have to say- the design of this game is almost as good looking as the Extreme Multifire game from Switch Studios. That’s also worth a flutter.

Place your bets and the screen will change to a bird’s eye view of the roulette wheel with the bet table on the right and the lines and the goal line of the football pitch below. This wheel is in the European style, having a single zero, unlike its American cousin which brings two to the party.

The classic roulette wheel has also undergone a footie related tweak. In place of another pocket on the wheel you’ll notice a single white pocket dedicated to the World Cup Bet. This is the same for the bet racetrack.

There’s no mistaking this game for anything other than a homage to football, roulette style.

World cup Roulette Game Play

Again, placing a bet is easy. Simply use the arrows below the bet table to decide your bet chip denominations and then place them on your lucky numbers. The bet table is intuitive and a breeze to navigate. Once you’ve hit the Bet button you’re whizzed to the roulette wheel.

Finally, as the wheel spins, you’ll hear the realistic sounds of the ball rotating the wheel and landing. The voice (a touch robotic) announces the winning number- a nod to recreating a land base casino experience. If you like to make your roulette up tempo, there’s a handy Turbo Spin button, to rev up your game just that little bit more.

If you’re someone who wants their virtual roulette game to replicate the more detailed bets of a casino game then you’re in luck. At the bottom of the screen you’ll see a Neighbour Bets button. Hit this, and you’re whisked away to a racetrack style bet table. Likewise, you can place your bets with ease here.

For keeping the game quick and easy you can find the Repeat Bet, Clear Bet and other shortcut buttons beneath the bet table.

One big feature of this virtual roulette game is having the wheel’s statistics at hand. When you play World Cup Roulette the winning digits of the last ten games are shown above the bet table to give you the best inside knowledge on what’s hot or not!

World Cup Feature

So what does this all have to do with footie I hear you ask? If you place bets on the special World Cup Bet segment of the bet table and that number wins you enter the World Cup Roulette feature.

You will find yourself on a new screen facing a goal keeper, preparing for the high drama of a penalty shoot-out. The winning action takes place over 3 shoot outs. Let’s hope you slot them home unlike the England team.

At each round you choose between 4 different token amounts which make up part of 160x multiplier. You must try to keep as much of your multiplier as possible to take into the next round. Choose to spread your multiplier across the four tokens or just one. Now hit “Start” and find out which of the 4 tokens is the winning on shot killer goal!

This nail-gripping action will have you on the edge of your seat to find out if you exhaust your multiplier or make it through the trio of rounds. At the end you’ll take your remaining multiplier and an x5 multiplier or literally just end up with an x5 consolation multiplier.


This game is easy to use, slick and full of all the usual bets that you’d place in a physical casino. The standard bets are all here plus there’s the chance to deliver the killer goal that wins the World Cup. Blow the whistle and let’s begin! A game of two halves? Pah! A game of thirty-seven 37s more like!