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Monopoly Roulette Tycoon

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Test out Monopoly Roulette Tycoon for free below. This roulette variant was developed by Scientific Games and brings the 2 games of Monopoly and roulette close together with a twist in one game than ever before! Try the Mr Green roulette section for this game.

Monopoly Roulette Tycoon

You click the Monopoly board button to flip between the roulette table and the Monopoly Board where you can make side bets on Monopoly properties. If you trigger the bonus (the ball must land on a red number within 4 spins and not land in the zero- see below for full details), Mr Monopoly comes out to play and he runs around the Monopoly board. You get 3 dice rolls to begin with. If he lands on a property with chip on it, you win! You get extra dice rolls for landing on GO! and property prices go up.

Be warned though, it’s based on the American board game, so if you were expecting to see Old Kent Road, Trafalgar Square, Bond Street and Mayfair, you’ll be in for a surprise. You’ll be seeing properties like Vermont Avenue, Illinois Avenue and Park Place. Still…….

There are also Chance and Community Chess cards- you can win Get Out of Jail Free Cards, Cash Prizes or you get forwarded to individual properties. If you land on Tax or Go to Jail, the bonus ends early.

This slot-like bonus added on to the game makes for a fun variant

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How to Get into the Monopoly Roulette Tycoon Bonus

Once you have placed some Monopoly bets, you have 4 spins to try and trigger the Monopoly game which you do by landing the ball in a RED pocket. If black comes up, the Monopoly game isn’t triggered but your Monopoly bets remain active (unless you get 3 blacks in a row). If the ball lands in the zero pocket, you also lose your Monopoly bets. So, you need a red!

It pays to trigger the Monopoly bonus after a few spins as you then get a multiple applied to the property values. So:

-Trigger on the first spin and the property values are set at 1x.
-Trigger on the 2nd spin and the property values are set at 2x.
-Trigger on the 3rd spin and the property values are set at 3x.
-Trigger on the 4th spin (your final chance) and the property values are set at 4x.

When the bonus is triggered (if you made a bet on the Monopoly Board and the ball landed in red), the screen flips to Monopoly mode.

In 3 dice rolls you hope to land on the property you bet on with all the other stuff like Chance cards and Community Chest going on. If you’ve played the board game, you’ll pick this up pretty quickly!

You can see the pay outs of the various Monopoly properties by clicking on the Information Button on the game. The highest are Short Line and Park Place which pay out 16.75 and 28x respectively.

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You wouldn’t play this game for the roulette graphics because they are pretty basic. It’s really all about the Monopoly Side bets which can be fun to play. In fact, you can make most roulette bets on the game as it has a race-track betting area for Call Bets like Voisins and Tiers.

The Monopoly side bets don’t affect the odds that you get on the roulette game. They are an additional feature- you will get standard European Roulette odds on the wheel.