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Double Bonus Spin Roulette

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Best Casinos For Double Bonus Spin Roulette (Player's Suite)

This IGT roulette variant is essentially American Roulette with an extra wide yellow bonus pocket: you’ll find it in the lobby of casinos like Grosvenor Online Casino. You get a double free spin bonus if the ball lands in the yellow pocket, and if you bet on the yellow and it comes in, you can win up to 1200x your bet. See below for details. There’s also Triple Bonus Spin Roulette with (yes you guessed it!) three free spins if you hit the yellow well- but this variant has an extra zero pocket.


IGT’s Player’s Suite Double Bonus Spin Roulette is American Roulette with an added twist. There’s a yellow bonus pockets that is 50% wider than the other pockets- giving you higher odds to trigger the bonus free spin. If you land the bonus, you get a free spin on 2 separate bonus wheels.

You can also bet on the yellow bonus pocket. If the ball lands in yellow pocket on the main wheel, the game pays out 120 to 1 when either bonus outcome is yellow or 1200 to 1 when both bonus outcomes are yellow.

Plus, you can play all of the usual bets that you would expect to find in American Roulette, of course, including advanced call bets such as red splits, black splits, red and black dragon etc. You can also create up to 6 different bet patterns which can be saved as templates.

Expert History

Click on Expert History to see how many times each number has hit, plus the statistical distribution of the outside bets like even/odd, red/black and the dozens bet, for example. Expert History will show you the 6 most-hit “Hot Numbers” and the six least-hit “Cold Numbers” over the past 250 spins.

Bonus Free Spins

If the ball lands in the yellow pocket, all of your bets stand and you earn the right to a free spin on the bonus wheel. The single roulette wheel that you see in the base game will be switched out for a set of 2 bonus wheels: 2 concentric roulette wheels (like 3 Wheel Roulette, only with 2 concentric wheels).

Spin the wheel, and release the ball. It will fall into one of the pockets on the inner ring, and then the outer ring slows and stops as well, giving you a second result. So you get 2 numbers, one from each wheel.

If you have bet on the yellow bonus when the ball lands in the yellow well, you earn a payout straight away, and then you may earn an even bigger one of the ball lands in the yellow pockets of the bonus wheel.

Gimmicky or Worth a Go?

Well, our advice throughout this site is to play European Roulette, and this is a version of American Roulette with 2 zero pockets AND an extra yellow bonus pocket. So our first reaction is to give this a miss, as the house edge is definitely higher. But as long as you understand what you are getting into, this could be one for you. Just understand that you are making more of a “lottery” type bet- if the yellow pocket comes in twice on the bonus multi-wheel, then you will win 1200x your bet- a multiple that you are not going to see on the a normal roulette wheel. But the odds of this coming in are low, significantly higher than 1:1200.

Generally speaking, these variants with side bets are a bad deal for players. We would advise French Roulette or European, but give the free version a test- that is what this section os all about. Offering you the demo versions of the games so that you can test it yourself without risking any money.