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Immersive Roulette

Immersive Roulette has Multiple Camera Angles
and Slow Motion Replays.
It is one of Our Favourite Live Roulette Games.

Top Casinos for Immersive Roulette

Game Facts

Immersive Roulette is Evolution Gaming’s top game on their live dealer platform. The game action is beamed from a physical roulette wheel live from the Evolution studios with a croupier behind (usually an attractive lady, but not exclusively).

This variant is a single zero game (European Roulette) with a Return to Player (RTP%) of 97.3%. This game is engaging, with multiple camera angles, slo-mo replays, a fancy studio, and attractive croupiers. Immersive Roulette launched in September 2013.


Why is the game called Immersive Roulette? Well, what makes this game so popular and where it gets its name is down to the multiple camera angles that Evolution use that brings the whole experience alive. It’s almost a cinematic experience.

When the ball comes to a rest in a pocket, you will see a slow motion replay of the round through several camera angles. Others have since copied these production levels, but Evolution innovated in this area, and this variant remains very popular.

Stunning visuals aside, the action takes place on a classic European roulette wheel, with all of the usual inside and outside bets, plus a decent range of call bets like Voisins du Zero and Tiers de Cylindre. That means you get decent European odds, thanks to the low house edge.

Pros and Cons of Immersive Roulette

  • The high production quality. It really is Immersive!
  • European Wheel with low house edge
  • Good stats and betting options
  • Chat with the dealers
  • Powerful Statistics Panel with up to 500 previous results
  • Not the fastest game, spin to spin
  • The atmosphere will depend on the croupier.

Video Demo

Get a feeling for the action in this demo video below. Unfortunately, there is no free demo available as this is a live dealer game. Someone needs to pay the croupiers: they won’t work for free!

Immersive Roulette from Evolution Gaming is probably our favourite live dealer game. You can find this game over in the Monkey Casino live roulette games section. It is available on desktops, phones and tablets (and on Smart TVs).

The multiple camera angles and production levels make this game what it is- it’s very entertaining and about as involved as you will get without actually being there. You’ll be able to follow every jump and turn of the ball in a 200 frames-per-second HD stream with a slow motion replay of the winning number after the ball lands in the pocket.

There is a choice of game views and features such as Auto-play, a powerful statistics panel from which bets can be placed (enhanced graphics with up to the last 500 games showing hot and cold numbers), chat and the option to save up to fifteen favourite bet profiles.

High Production Quality

It’s all very Hollywood! This game has also been optimised for play on mobile devices. The slow motion replays show all of the individual bounces and kicks of the ball as it settles into its number.

You might find this a bit much, but you can disable this feature if you like. Just head to the game settings.

Immersive Live Roulette won EGR’s Game of the Year back in the day (Egaming Review: an industry magazine).


The game is powered with enhanced statistics with graphics plotting out the last 500 spins with hot and cold numbers. Just remember the Gambler’s Fallacy, though! Immersive Roulette is like any other wheel- it has no memory, and each spin is a mutually exclusive event that is not affected by previous results.

Betting limits should appeal to all levels of players and will depend on the casino that you are playing at.

Immersive Roulette Lite

Evolution also produces a game called Immersive Lite, which boasts multi-camera Immersive action. You don´t get the slow-motion replays- that is the only difference. If you can, try and find the full-blown version.

On Mobile

Like most Evolution games, Immersive Roulette also works well on smaller screens. They have done an excellent job of adapting the design of the game for players who are on mobiles and tablets.

Other Games

Evolution also produces the following live roulette games:
French Roulette
If you can find this, you’ll lose only half your bet if the ball lands in the zero pocket and you have made an even-money bet.

Lightning Roulette
European Roulette with additional multiplier overlays on single-number bets. Just wait for the lightning to hit!

Dual Play Roulette
This game combines the online and offline worlds of roulette. Land-based casinos can use this technology to offer their tables to players on the web, or you´ll often see terminals in different parts of the casino, such as in bars and restaurants. You can bet on their terminals, or you can bet on your smartphone or tablet.

Mini Live Roulette
You might see this game on sports betting sites- it´s a smaller-sized game window measuring 200×230 pixels..

Slingshot Auto Roulette
This is another variant we see more of- we’ve seen it both as standard and VIP tables; Slingshot Auto Roulette is turbo-paced, real live-wheel action with a high-quality finish. It’s automated, so you get the speed, but it’s a physical roulette wheel, unlike RNG roulette or virtual roulette, which is more like a video slot game.

There’s no live dealer but rather an automated mechanism that spins around 60 to 80 games per hour. The casinos like these games as they are cheaper to run, and the punters like them because they are fast.

Head to Wombat Casino or Monkey Casino for Immersive live roulette.


Questions, answers

  • What Makes Immersive Roulette So Different?
    Evolution Gaming were real trend setters when they launched this game. The production levels are still streets ahead of most of the competition. The multiple camera angles, slow motion replays and the editing of the feed make this one of the most absorbing live roulette games out there. It gets you right up and close to the action on the table.
  • Where are the roulette tables actually located?
    Immersive Roulette is beamed direct from Evolution Gaming’s worldwide studios. Depending on which casino you are playing at, the action can be beamed from either:
    Riga, Latvia
    Fort Mriehel, Malta
    Tbilisi, Georgia
    Bucharest, Romania
    Vancouver, Canada
    Atlantic City, New Jersey
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Spa, Belgium
    Murcia, Spain
  • When was Evolution Gaming started?
    They founded in 2006 and have been growing fast, thanks to the popularity of the live casino market. In 2015 they listed on NASDAQ and in Stockholm. In 2020, they bought NetEnt, another online casino software company.
  • Can I switch the slow motion replays off?
    Yes you can. Just head into the game settings.
  • How do they make the game so Immersive?
    Some of the tricks Evolution have got up their sleeves on this game include slow motion replays, multiple camera angles, attractive croupiers and a feed that is shot in 200 frames per second. This was a real game changer when it launched in 2013 and still leads the pack.


Immersive Roulette
Evolution gaming
Number of Zeros
Betting limits
1.00 to 10,000.00 (£/$/€)
Call Bets
Saved bets
✔️ (Tiers, Orphelins, Voisins etc)
✔️ (hot, cold nos. etc)
Sep 2013