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Diamond Strike

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Diamond Strike Roulette

Welcome to Extreme Gaming’s Diamond Strike Roulette, a fun fiesta of a mash up between an old school fruit machine slot and a live roulette game- it sounds like it shouldn’t work- but does it? The answer is a resounding yes from me.

As this game’s title suggests this game is a full energy burst that you’d expect from a game with lightning in the title and here we find ourselves facing a live roulette game played on a real roulette wheel which is tended to by a professional dealer wearing smart evening wear. Now that’s a great start.

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Despite the cheese factor, there’s a whole sky of lightning that shows up behind the dealer which are the lightning strikes of the game’s title, let’s get ready for the stormy fun ahead!

For those of you who’ve tried their hand at live online roulette before, on games like London Roulette, Immersive and Dual Ball, you’ll have an idea of the form. The very best games, in my humble opinion, have the joy of the live dealer to keep the tempo of the game and authenticity of a traditional roulette wheel with all its natural clicks and sounds of game play that can be oddly absent from online roulette games and that what’s on offer here. Another game we’d recommend is Betfred Roulette which is a live dealer game that is exclusive to that casino.

Spin the Reel and the Wheel

Diamond Strike Roulette

What makes this game a killer combo and ups the ante on the fun roulette stakes is that there is also the rather unexpected combination of a beloved back in the day fruit machine thrown into the mix. To the right of the live dealer you’ll see a single reel of a slot game which is populated with all the icons that make up the old time playbook of the slot with the bell, lemon, diamond, plum and melon.

As the roulette wheel spins, so the slot reel spins too. As the roulette pill falls into a pocket, the slot reel also stops with its fixed pointer pointing to one of the fruit machine slot icons.

The lower half of the screen is the play table where you can place your bets and here there’s a straightforward set up that easy to read and easy to use with just the click of a mouse. What is different is that you’ll see that the lower part of the pay table also has an addition set of icons which correspond to the fruit machine symbols so that you can place a bet on which of the fruit machine icons you think will land alongside the usual roulette bets. For those of you who like to put your money on the racetrack there is also this option on offer to the right of the play table.

Lightning Can Strike More than Once Here

To the right of the slot reel there’s a handy spot with, you guessed it, lighting strikes, where you can direct message the dealer which is a great option if you like a bit of banter and a more sociable live roulette game- this brings some of that land based casino vibe into the game and also entertains the dealer and keeps its interesting, it certainly perked up my dealer!

If you like to keep your eyes on the form, there’s a basic area next to the right hand side where the most recent winning slot icons are displayed. Here too there is a basic countdown to when the betting closes although this too is announced by the dealer to make sure you stay focused.

Diamond Strike Roulette is great fun to play with all the excitement of a live roulette game but with the extra fun of a fruity too. This is a game that could provide an interesting crossover giving roulette fans just a taster of slot fun or a slot player an enticing try of live dealer roulette. A grand slam of bright and breezy fun with just the possibility of a lightning strike to keep you in the game- first class.