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Golden Ball Roulette

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Live Golden Ball Roulette is a super smart game from Pragmatic Play (formerly Extreme Gaming)- one of a series of what we’ll call Entertainment Games like Dream Catcher that are Roulette+. Simply log on and be part of a live tournament style game of roulette with multiple players and with a live studio croupier overseeing game play.

Golden Ball Roulette

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This is one of those rare live games that does successfully recreate the atmosphere and slick experience that you get in a land-based casino while including all the easy to use controls and gaming that make this a cinch to play at home – without having to dress as James or Jemima Bond!

This game passes its high rollers the control. If you’re the player who has bet the most on the previous 20 spins then you get to choose when the croupier throws the next spin- a neat little personal touch, and this is potentially the route to the Jackpot too and something that sets this game apart from the competition.

So what does this game look like?

This game was developed by Extreme Live Gaming- the people behind Dolphin’s Roulette and other live dealer games. they were bought out by Pragmatic Play.

In this game, the screen is divided into two parts. The upper part is the roulette wheel with the smartly dressed croupier standing ready to spin the wheel; behind them are the bright lights of a London cityscape. On the right the winning number is displayed once the ball has landed in place on the wheel and this is also the spot for the all-important leader board so you can see how your competitors are doing compared to you. This is also where you’ll be able to see the number of game remaining until the next Golden Balls bonus round starts- more of this later.

The lower part of the screen is your green-felted playing table where you can place your gambling chips on the number that could be the next spin’s winner.

The player interface is well set out and easy to use with a smart look that shows why Extreme Gaming is so well-considered in the online roulette world. If you like your action upbeat and dramatic then you can opt for getting more of the close up camera angles with an X-Zoom mode.
This is a game that lets you drill down into the stats and if you like to know the digits of play you can, for example, find out the game’s hot and cold numbers.

Game Play

Extreme Gaming’s Live Golden Ball, like Club Roulette – their other famous live dealer game- is playable on multiple devices so that you can feel that real-casino vibe anywhere with an internet connection.

This is a game all about putting the player in control. Bet as you want either using the usual roulette betting system or there’s the French system using terms like Voisins du Zero, Tiers du Cylindre, and Orphelins but pay-outs are those of standard European roulette.

The professional croupier welcomes players to the game and then all you have to do is simply place your bet; just touch the chips and then touch the number you want to bet on. The croupier will roll the ball and announce the winning number as well as prompting when the bets can be placed and when betting is closed. These pros even congratulate the winner of each spin.

Every 20 spins the Golden Ball Bonus Round takes place where the highest better for the previous 20 consecutive spins gets to place a special bet with the croupier while the other players just watch – then that player can win a cash prize or become eligible for the great big Jackpot.


Live Golden Ball Roulette offers the genuine thrill of a land-based casino but from the comfort of your own device, plus it has a slinky interface which is a pleasure to use. The croupiers are pros and the tournament style of play makes for an adrenalin kick. I had a blast and will be back again to try my luck at getting my hands on the Golden Ball Jackpot!

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