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Playboy Live Roulette

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Play with the Bunnies!

Best Casinos for Playboy Live Roulette

Have you ever dreamt of playing live dealer roulette on a table hosted by Playboy bunnies? You have? Well, your luck is in Sunshine, as Microgaming run a whole live studio dedicated to exactly this concept!

playboy live roulette

If you have grown tired of playing virtual games like Playtech’s Deluxe Roulette game (excellent as it is), then you might want to give this Playboy live variant a go.

With HD video streaming, multi-language support and multi-window functionality, Microgaming Live Dealer games with Playboy Roulette are slick. All of the real-time footage of their dealers is recorded and saved for future playback, with a high level of player funtionality including auto-bets, multi-table play and full stats analysis.

Playboy Roulette Bunnies

And of course, the Playboy Bunnies look fantastic! Of course, the dealers look the part on other live games like Golden Ball Roulette from Extreme Live Gaming but let’s face it, the Playbot suits gives this game the edge for a certain segment of the population.

You can play Playboy Roulette on desktop, tablet and mobile. The glamorous dealers make these games a lot of fun, and this game is popular with male and female gamblers alike (although it does seem to attract more of the boys).

Play Playboy Live Roulette at Luxury Casino

Live roulette betting limits range from 1 to 25, 2 to 50 and 5 to 100.

Select from multiplayer and single player tables when you play roulette (and also baccarat).
Once current roulette and baccarat tables become full, additional tables autogenerate, so there is always room for you at the table.
You can also opt to play on Turbo Tables, which have a time limit for placing bets.

All the dealers are dressed up to the nines in their Playboy bunny uniforms. Satin corsets, bunny ears, cotton tails, collar & bow ties, cuff links, black stockings and high-heels. They are all dressed to impress!

You can switch the view to “down the table” with the wheel at the end, or table view which is easier to make bets. The statistical analysis and historical results display is particularly powerful, and you’ll have the choice of all the standard inside and outside bets, plus a race-track betting lay-out for more exotic French Call Bets (Voisins du Zero bet, Tiers and so on).

In the top right corner you’ll have a display shoing all the information about your current dealer (name, date of birth, lucky number, star-sign) plus all the information on the betting limits of the table.


OK- so this is obviously a complete marketing ploy, and will probably appeal more to male players, but it’s all been done very tastefully and, well, it’s puts a bit of fun into p[laying live roulette. Underneath all of the glitz is a live roulette platform that is very powerful. You’ll enjoy high quality streaming from the table feeds and you’ll have a lot of options at your fingertips to place all sorts of bets, with easy access to statistical analysis and other features liek Auto-Play.

We enjoyed it. the only think it lacks, is the kind if multi-camera angle entertainment you get with other live roulette games like Immersive Roulette.