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Roulette Deluxe

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Roulette Deluxe is a game that places you firmly in the class of smart online roulette- it’s evident from the start that this a more serious game with fewer gimmicks and more of the real functions than many of the online roulette options out there.

This game is up there with the likes of Spreadbet Roulette from Playtech in terms of design and look and feel. Or even American Roulette from Switch Studios and that is a looker!

Here is a game that separates the players – this might not be the game for novice roulette players, although they could try their luck, (you can place an inside bet at friendly price). Roulette Deluxe has been designed with those big spenders in mind and this Playtech game delivers the goods for the whales.

This games designer has a long list of excellent games under its belt including Penny Roulette plus European and Americn varieties. Deluxe is a nice addition to that list.

Look and Feel

Roulette Deluxe has a clear and crisp layout against the contrast of our old friend the green baize- this is a roulette game that has some of the air of a land-based casino, there’s even the pleasing sound of the ball rolling around the wheel.

There’s the traditional look play table where you can place your chips, just scroll down the chips of different values on offer. On the top left is an enlarged view of which pocket where the ball has landed and on the right of this you have all your clever techy analysis which is all too important when you’re playing a more volatile game, including the hot- and vitally the cold numbers and wheel history.

Roulette Deluxe Game Play

To get cracking simply choose your chips and click to place them on your lucky numbers. You’ll notice that this is a more complex variant than other games like Pragmatic Play roulette, but it’s well designed and easy to find your way around. Once the wheel is spinning the view of the pockets changes to give the player a better view of all the action by showing the whole of a roulette wheel with fancy walnut veneer spinning to create some of that casino vibe. As the ball lands in the pocket the winning number is announced by the voice of a pro croupier.

Inside bets kick off at an accessible 0.10 but scale all the way up to the big bucks, if you’re so inclined; the table maximum is hefty 10,000.

Roulette Deluxe has been designed with a faster game in mind, after all where the fun in hanging around to see how much you’ve won? On the right on the play table are super handy buttons shortcutting to maintain the fast tempo of play with a simple click to double your stake, click into auto play mode (again keeping the game on the speedier side), clear bets, and re-bet- all in a trice.

This is a game which also comes with a handy to use tab on the left of the action where you can easily click on a generous slew of six different special bets to up the ante, or simply change up your game strategy- this naturally includes your favourite bets and some rather more volatile options like Lucky Chip where you can place 9 random bets on the inner bets or Finale Bets where with the click of a button you can place bets on the numbers which finish with your chosen digits!


Roulette Deluxe is an offering more on the serious side of online roulette which means that its appeal will be more limited to the semi and professional roulette fans but it has a easy to use interface and has a nice up tempo atmosphere to create a buzz to the gameplay. This is just place for the roulette player who wants to bet and win big.