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20p Roulette

Online Roulette Guide

20p Roulette is easy to play and FAST. There is only one chip size: 20p.

Best Casinos for 20p Roulette

Despite its diminutive title, 20p Roulette from Inspired Gaming (SG Digital) is a game that you’ll underestimate at your peril. You might have played this game before in a bookies like William Hill or Paddy Power as they often stock these machines.

It might not have the graphics quality of Switch Studios Roulette, but there isn’t a faster, simpler game in town.

20p roulette

This perfectly formed European roulette game will turn the heads of high rollers looking for high spin frequency and those who are new to the game. 20p Roulette has a payout of 97.3%.

It might not be as flashy as Lightning Roulette from Evolution, or as visually appealing as Immersive Roulette but it beats the payout on single number bets when compared to the former and it does it at top speed.

Pros and Cons

  • Simple, No Frills Interface. All chips are 20p
  • Low Table Limits will Appeal to all Players
  • Fast, particularly in Turbo Mode
  • Betting options are limited (on Call Bets for Example)

Look and feel

This game’s bet table is clear with an easy to use interface that will be a breeze for experienced players, and won’t intimidate newbies to the online roulette scene.

How much simpler can you get? All of the chips are 20p (or 20c) and the minimum bet is £/€/$ 1. That’s it.

Although you will find other online roulette games with better graphics than 20p Roulette, part of this game’s charm is that it is straightforward, unpretentious and uncomplicated. It reminds us of a Pragmatic Play roulette game in many ways: simple and to the point.

Once you’ve place your bets you will be taken to a bird’s eye view of the bet table and the roulette wheel where the ball will travel around and land in one of the numbered pockets.

20p Roulette Tip

If you want to play fast, hit the Turbo button after you have spun the wheel and the wheel will stop. For an even faster game (if you are testing systems out, for example), you can set the game to go even faster by clicking the Speedo icon. Just remember to watch your bets, as the wheel doesn’t even spin in this mode. Keep your wagers low to avoid burning through your payroll too quickly.

The game comes with updates from a helpful croupier in the background who announces the winning numbers and reminds you to place your bets.

Of course there is a downside to all of that simplicity. Do you want to lay a Finales en Plein bet quickly? Forget it. You’ll need to make it up on your own.

And if you want to quickly vary your bets (say you want to double your next bet on a Martingale sequence), then you can do it, but it involves a lot of clicking if you are making single number bets.

And there’s no saving your favourite bet patterns or any of that fancy stuff. You’ll need to go to a Pro Wheel for that kind of roulette play.

20p Roulette. Demo Clip.

Game Play

The big appeal of 20p Roulette is that the only chip going is 20 pence (or cents). You can place a minimum of 5 x 20p single number bets, or a minimum bet outside bet which is is £/€/$ 1. Bet more for the outside bets, or single number wagers by clicking multiple times to build your chip pile up. It’s easier to keep it fun that way!

The upper table limits may vary by casino.

Why Complicate Life?
For the novice roulette player diving into playing casino games online, 20p Roulette is well designed and easy to play. This game has all of the bet options you need, with table limits set low so that you can feel your way on the tables and test out a few strategies.

It’s a paired down roulette with a European single zero on the wheel. So that means that the house edge is low compared to double zero games while still stocking plenty of betting options.

If you’re a player who likes the odd Call Bet, you can flip between the standard and neighbours bet table at the click of a button (found at the bottom of the screen),

If you choose to place a neighbour’s bet, for example, you move onto the racetrack betting layout where you can place bets on numbers that are arranged as they would be on the wheel.

Just click on a number (0 for Voisins du Zero of course) and then flip back to the “Bet Table” to see your chips on a standard betting layout. Or place neighbours around your favourite numbers. That’s it though- you won’t be able to place a Tiers du Cylindre or a Snake bet from here. You will have to place those manually on the main table.

Do you Like it Fast? Or Very Fast?
For those of you who like to keep up the tempo of their roulette play there’s a handy Turbo Play button to keep your play fast.

20p roulette is actually one of the fastest roulette games out there. You’ll see the turbo button as soon as you hit “Bet” and the wheel starts to spin. If you hit Turbo, the game stops. That means if you are testing systems, you can cover spins very quickly on this game.

If you want the wheel to spin even quicker (or not at all actually), head into options and click on the icon that looks like a speedometer.

In this mode the wheel doesn’t even spin, you flip directly to the result.


20p roulette is a classic no frills game, offering something for new players and old hands alike. Inspired Gaming has designed a fast game with accessible bet limits and an intuitive interface that give players a simple and satisfying experience.

A sure-fire roulette hit, but if you you like to play the more exotic bets, you will need to look elsewhere. If you like variants with low bet limits, you should also look up Penny Roulette from Playtech which has more features but still offers the low minimum bet. It’s not as fast as 20p roulette though, but it is prettier.


  • What is the minimum bet on 20p roulette
    Despite it’s name, the minimum bet is £/€/$ 1. It is called 20p roulette, because that is the chip size. You can make a 20p bet on a single number, but you need to bet at least 5. Or you make an outside bet like red or black where the minimum bet is £/€/$ 1
  • What does the Turbo Spin button do?
    You won´t see the Turbo Spin button until you have set the wheel in motion. Once you press it, the wheel stops. It´s fast!
  • What is the House Edge?
    20p Roulette has a standard European wheel with a house edge of 2.6% and an RTP of 97.3%

Play 20p Roulette from Inspired

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