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Switch Studios Roulette

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A slick looking American variant. Looks great on mobiles.

Best Casinos for Switch Studios American Roulette

Switch Studios and Microgaming have teamed up on this hotly anticipated American Roulette variant. This release has roulette lovers hot under the collar with the prospect of a new contender in the competitive online roulette circuit. So what does this new title have to offer roulette fans?

Switch Studios American Roulette

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Look and Feel

Enter the glossy and super smart world of “American Roulette” and find yourself facing a set of graphics which show that Microgaming are taking on the opposition to reach for the top spot. The graphics in this new game are immaculate and expensive looking, oh yes, and the wheel is 3D!

This game has an easy to use interface that is clear and simple enough to give first timers and novices a set up that is user friendly. There are none of the fancy side bets on htis game that you’ll find on games like Superman Roulette as this is a pure European game. It looks great though!

This new game has a professional feel about it which is aided with the calm tones of your croupier announcing the winning numbers and prompting betting. There are also some realistic sounds when the roulette wheel is spinning.

These high quality sound effects add to an immersive feel that you would usually find in a land based casino, and make for a less solitary gaming experience. You’ll see this kind of quality on thier other games like Extreme Multifire Roulette and others.

Switch Studios Roulette Game Play

The name says it all, American Roulette is played on a wheel with a zero and a double zero. If you are looking for a European Wheel, then we’d recommend RNG First Person Roulette from Evolution. Switch Studios also have a single zero variant.

Before I go any further, drum roll please for the quality of American Roulette’s play on a mobile device. Many have tried and failed to design great roulette play on mobile devices. The guys and gals behind this new game’s design have made this roulette game such a synch on a phone : you can choose to play in portrait or landscape mode.

No Fat Finger Bets

The brains behind this new title have thought hard about what makes satisfying game. With American Roulette it’s possible to place both inside and outside bets with ease. Just click the screen and the racetrack view will appear giving you a chance to place neighbour bets too. Start your betting for as little as 0.25 all the way up to a heady 125.

When you place a bet, the lower portion of the screen displays the different value chips on offer and with a click you place them on the bet table. They also come with a satisfying click when you pick them.

Once you’ve placed your bet, the game automatically gives you a first class view of the roulette wheel in HD graphics. The roulette wheel is a sleek shiny affair where you have a great view of the ball pelting around.

While the wheel spins you have the bet table, with your chips in place, visible in miniature on the right hand side, so there’s no need to click between screens. Easy. Once the ball lands the number is also displayed on screen giving you faster play and displaying your wins in satisfyingly large numbers across the screen.

Microgaming and Switch Studios have worked hard to produce a game that is designed to meet the players every need. The smart money has gone into personalising play and with this game you can make the game your own by saving lists of your lucky numbers that you can select with the click of a button, just visit hit the Favourite Bets tab.

Unlike some online roulette games, this newbie also allows you to make more complex special bets like Black Splits or Random 7s. I was pleasantly surprised by the range of bets on offer.


Switch Studios and Microgaming have tried hard to build a game that will pull online roulette fans away from slots and other less intuitive online roulette games. With this easy to use interface, solid bet options, and top of the range details and graphics this game will makes waves.