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Authentic Live in Saint Vincent

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Authentic team up with the glamorous Saint Vincent casino, Italy

As the world of online gaming blossoms, there are a number of clever designers who are creating exciting live games with a partner casinos to develop the ultimate in immersive gaming pleasure. This gives players another option to the Studio games like Betfred Live roulette (although that one is an exclusive studio to that particuar casino).

Welcome to the Authentic Gaming and Saint- Vincent Casino´s thrilling new gambling combination!

Casino Saint Vincent

European gambling connoisseurs will no doubt already have set foot into the prestigious gambling establishment found in the scenic Alps of Northern Italy close to the French and Swiss border. With 3,500 square metres of gambling sophistication this is a place with a reputation for its classy atmosphere and professional staff. This is where you can join the live roulette action from the comfort of your very own slippers, if you so desire!

Not satisfied with offering a single game straight from the casino floor, roulette lovers have the pick of four different variants on the traditional roulette game to thrill all the way from Italy!

Authentic have their special high tech cameras that give players a fully immersive roulette game at four separate tables. With just the click of a mouse, you can join Authentic Roulette Double Wheel, Superior, Original, and Professional games. Now that’s something of a grand tour selection!

Casino Saint Vincent Authentic

Authentic Roulette Double Wheel is a high octane roulette game with a difference. Here instead of there being a single roulette wheel in play, there are a crackers two! Each wheel is spinning direct from the casino floor.

What is significant about this game, apart from two wheels, and being able to enjoy the high drama of two simultaneous and parallel games is that Authentic Roulette Double Wheel pays 36:1 instead of 35:1. It is notable however that this is a game using American roulette with the double zeros on the wheels which balances out some of that more generous player ratio.

While some clever camera work allows you to feel part of the land based casino’s own gaming floor, you can also enjoy the brain-teasing fun of playing on two wheels spinning next to each other, and you can hear the gentle hubbub of your fellow gamblers at the wheel.

At the lower portion of the screen, each of the wheels offers a user friendly interface, here your virtual betting grid makes it easy to place your favourite bets with just the click of a mouse.

For some reason, the two wheels seem to have slightly different betting times and wheel spins- but that the authentic real life experience for you! As you place your bets you have all the usual choices on offer thanks to some nifty shortcut icons which allow you to repeat a bet, double you bet, use your favourite numbers, crack on with the easy play of Autospin and cancel your bet.

There’s a clear a visual countdown shown for when you time up for you to place a bet. As the pill falls into a pocket on the two wheels, the number is displayed very clearly.

As online gaming goes, Authentic Roulette Double Wheel as an exciting and rather too inviting game that will have you going back time and again for live roulette play from the ease of your own device. It’s hard to not be impressed.