BetFred Roulette

Betfred Roulette

Betfred Roulette

Betfred Roulette is a smart and sophisticated live European roulette game where your wheel play comes live from an exclusive Betfred studio where professional croupiers oversee the game with a host of exciting bets on offer. What more could a roulette lover possibly ask for?

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A note to players- Bedfred Roulette comes with a strong sociable feel. If you’re someone who likes to play roulette in solitude then this game may not be on the top of your games to play list.

Look and feel

Betfred Roulette comes with a professional and welcoming look and feel. The studio is immaculate; you can easily see the large live roulette wheel where all the action unfolds.

There is a smartly turned out croupier on hand who directs the play and announces winning numbers and moves the game along with an easy manner, adding to the game’s intimate vibe.

If you like the lively atmosphere of a land based casino, then you’ll love having a host overseeing your game- to add to that connection their name is on the screen and, if you’re in a voluble mood, there’s even a chat option so that you can banter away with the croupier to your heart’s content.

At the top of your screen you have the host at the wheel, in the lower portion of the screen you have the bet table. During the game the view changes, thanks to the purpose built studio set up, to allow you a satisfying detailed close up view of the wheel and ball.

The game’s interface is easy to use and there’s loads of information on offer as long as you don’t mind using the game’s side icons running neatly around the edge of the screen to get into stats, special bets and table limits.  


Fredbet Roulette is played on a European wheel with a single zero and pockets numbered 1-36.

The table I played on had a £40,000 table limit. That said, the handy bet information tucked away in icon alongside the screen made clear that you could place a straight up bet for as little as 0.50 with up upper limit of £100.

All the limits available across this game can be found in a single nifty click.


As Betfred are a big gaming outfit they have put together a roulette game that has all the bells and whistles when it comes to the bets on offer, as well as the whole selection of different settings for your game.

You can place all the standard roulette bets on the bet table and by clicking one of a host of discrete and handy icons on the left of the screen. You can chose to open the racetrack to allow you place those special bets including Orphelins and Voisins du Zero.

This game comes with a useful single click mechanism so that you can easily place special bets including complete bets and half complete bets.

A big advantage to live roulette is that you have the buzz of being part of a real-time game while having a host of statistical information on hand to ensure you make well informed bets.

This game has the technology to give you detailed insights into the last 1,000 spins: not bad. You can review hot and cold numbers look at the split between black and red, and there’s even a handy chart to show ball distribution around the wheel. Tech-heads will delight in the information that’s to hand if you delve into the tidy navigation on the upper left of the screen.


All in all, Bedfred Roulette is an easy to use and upbeat live roulette game that comes with a satisfying number of different betting options at hand. It has an interface that is simple with a good chunk of insightful stats to offer you the best chance of making your wheel spin a money making pleasure.