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Double Ball Roulette

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Double Ball Roulette

Which roulette game requires the most balls to play? That’ll be Double Ball Roulette from Evolution Gaming!

This live roulette variant is a twist on standard roulette as there are 2 balls in play. The balls are released by a special mechanism that launches them with compressed air and ensures that both balls follow each other around the wheel without interfering in each other’s path.

We have seen Double Ball roulette games in various land-based casinos like the Tropicana in Las Vegas where you can bet on both balls landing on the same number. It’s also got a ball delivery remote control, where players can wirelessly control when the balls hit the wheel…pretty cool!

This is the first time we have seen it online, and what’s even better, it’s a single zero European Roulette wheel, unlike the double zero wheel that they use on the Strip in the Tropicana.

Play Double Ball Roulette at Wombat

Evolution have claimed a world first on this game — we certainly couldn’t find it anywhere else- it’s a unique, and innovative roulette game- we love the fact that they have done this with a single zero roulette wheel.

You bet on 2 balls that land in two winning pockets from a single spin. The dealer pops the balls into the shooting mechanism and pushes a button to fire both around the wheel rim from a special designed device that they have patented. Because there are 2 balls in play, there are more bets available and more wins per spin – pay-outs go all the way up to 1,300 to 1.

How to Play Double Ball Roulette.

Double Ball Roulette is European roulette but with two balls in the wheel at the same time.

Additional bets include those that will only win if you correctly predict where both balls come to a rest- you’ll see these in the Outside Bets on the table. Of course, you have double the chance of winning an inside bet with 2 balls in play, so the pay-outs have been reduced down to account for this.

The Big Daddy is the Double Ball bet that pays out at a whopping 1300:1. So, if both balls land in your number, it’s time to crack open a bottle of the fizzy stuff.

The game is started with the dealer placing two balls into the firing mechanism and then pressing a switch to release the balls into the wheel.


BET (Both Balls)PAYOUT
On chosen number1300:1
En any number35:1
Corner Bet8:1
Street Bet11:1
Split Bet17:1
Single Number35:1
BET (Ball to land correctly)PAYOUT
Single number17:1
Split bet (2)8:1
Street bet (3)5:1
Corner Bet (4)3.5:1
Line Bet (6)2:1

On the Inside bets either ball can land on a number for the bet to win, but you will will double if both balls land on your bet.

On the Outside Bets, both balls must land in your zone to win. So, if you have bet on black, both balls must land on a black number to win.

The Double Ball bet pays out an eye watering 1300:1 if you bet on a single number and both balls land in that pocket. It:s not an easy one to pull off though!

Just like Immersive Roulette, Double Ball has multiple camera angles and great production techniques which all result in a very engaging and entertaining experience.

There’s also a Race-track to make Call Bets and Neighbour’s Bets, and historical stats (you can bet straight from the stats if you want).


When we first saw this game we thought “Oh, no, not another weird novelty roulette game”. But you know what?- we really enjoyed it. It makes an interesting twist on the game and somehow watching those 2 balls spinning around the wheel is mesmerising. It has some interesting bets that you won’t find anywhere else, too. It’s a thumbs up from us. You can play Double Ball roulette at Royal Panda Casino – the live gaming specialist.