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Authentic Gaming

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These whippersnappers based and licensed from sunny Malta only came into being in 2015, but they landed on the gambling scene with a bang thanks to their incredible offering. These are amongst the early-adopters, those ingenious people who decided that there was fun to be had by creating live online table games played remotely, but straight from the play tables of some seriously top-notch casinos from around the world.

Authentic Gaming

We’ve plenty of virtual games for you to have a crack at (like Roulette Deluxe for example), but sometimes we know that video games just don’t cut the mustard and that’s where Authentic comes in.

Since their arrival in the online gaming world they have really set some impressive and highly competitive standards for immersive gaming experiences. They give online players a taste of a live croupier experience while also giving gamers the buzz of being part of a crowd playing at a table – with other people gambling alongside them. This is thanks in part to their High Definition video and super smart audio. Try the Aspers Casino live streaming roulette for example, which is beamed over from the mega casino in Stratford in the East of London.

These guys weren’t in the studio play arena, until recently, when they showcased their New Casio Floor Studio in Georgia. They are known for making the land based experience come alive for audiences online, wherever they may be and, in doing so, are converting a generation of gamers from the land based experience into the increasingly personalised and smart world of online table games.

Authentic Roulette

In a short time this company has delivered an enticing roster of games including Authentic Gaming Superieur Roulette, Original Roulette, Professional Roulette, and Authentic Double Wheel, which are all broadcast from the massive Saint Vincent Resort and Casino in Italy. As well as this they offer live games including Authentic Gaming Roulette and Authentic Gaming Turbo Roulette from the luxurious Casino International, based at the Hilton Batumi in Georgia. And they’ve now added the Royal Casino in Denmark and the Platinum Casino at Radisson BLU Hotel in Bucharest to their partner list. The sky is really starting to look like the limit for these online casino pioneers. They are battling for top slot with the likes of Extreme Live Gaming (who developed the Great Rhino Roulette game) and Evolution for top slot in this competitive marketplace.

And these guys like firsts as well. They have newly announced a new premium table live from Foxwood, the biggest resort casino in North America, and what’s more, through Authentic can give online European players a taste of table play in the US: something totally new.

What’s so clever about the business model they have taken on is that it boosts interest and income in land based casinos at no cost to the provider, and delivers innovation and atmosphere to a new generation of gamers.

Not content with sitting on their laurels, earlier this year Authentic Gaming partnered with mega gaming supplier Playtech to help distribute their live roulette games.

With ambition levels set for stun, these guys and gals are making waves in the iGaming world. Given the hot competition for players and partners they’re showing what they’re made of having recently announced another new partnership, this time with the Danish Betsson Group. This operator has now joined the suite of games delivered through Authentic.

Ever keen to stretch to the exciting and new Authentic Gaming also streamed live cabaret to its online players before and after UEFA Champions League matches at the end of 2017 to share the festive vibe!

From the outside it is clear that the future can only be bright for Authentic Gaming and crucially for those players who are getting a seamless and totally new experience from these online originators- who knows what exciting boundaries this company will be pushing back next?