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Dolphin’s Roulette

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Dolphin's Roulette

Extreme Gaming’s Dolphin’s Roulette is a roulette game with a difference. Not satisfied with putting together a super- slick interface for a cracking game of live European roulette, this game offers a nifty side game to keep the player firing on all cylinders. If you’re someone who enjoys slot gaming then Dolphin roulette’s one reel slot bet will have your head in a spin with all its extra fun!

Play Dolphin’s Roulette with a £200 Bonus

So how does this game look?

dolphin roulette

Here your screen is divided in two with the top half showing a smartly-dressed croupier overseeing the game live from the Dolphin studio with the 36 slot roulette wheel taking centre stage. We are not apparently in a normal game like Club Roulette, of course we find ourselves under the ocean-this is Dolphin Roulette after all! On the left of the screen is a bird’s eye view of the roulette reel so that you can see the slots where the ball has recently fallen, and the hot and cold numbers to inform your gambling choices. This is one for the statistics fans amongst you. On the right you can see up close where the ball lands on the wheel with each spin.

The lower half of the screen is your own table top so that just like a land-based casino experience. Here you can practically feel that brass weighted token in your hands as you choose where to place them. Here you will also see a funky bunch of seven sea creatures on top of gambling chips, these are the symbols of the side game. If you want speed, go for Authentic Turbo Roulette but if you want something with a different flavour, Dolphin’s your game!


This game puts you in control offering European bets like Dual Play roulette but there is also the option to place your bet in using the French system using terms like Voisins du Zero, Tiers du Cylindre, and Orphelins.

Simply decide which numbers you want to bet on and click on the numbers to place your chips. There is an on screen countdown for when you can place bets and when they close – also prompted by your professional croupier.

So how does the side bet work? Basically when the wheel is spun, a sea creature from the selection of seven on offer (see where these are displayed in the upper area of your green table top) is also randomly selected during the wheel spin and is displayed simultaneously to the winning number from the wheel. Whether you win your main numbered bet or not if you get your side bet right then you get your side bet winnings.

Dolphin Roulette comes with the live chat interface on the right of the upper screen which allows you to interact with your croupier. This can make for a more fun gaming experience and builds the vibe that you get in a land-based casino. The croupier is English-speaking for convenience.
Dolphin Roulette offers the possibility of playing a very high quality game of roulette which can be adjusted depending on the quality of your internet connection to fullscreen if you want that immersive game play experience that mimics the land-based casinos so well.


Dolphin Roulette puts the player in control, offering lots of choices about whether you play the main game or want to add to the tension of play by taking a turn on the side bet too. The nautical theme to the roulette makes for a new spin on the game and the interface is super easy to use with very professional croupiers overseeing your game- what’s not to like?