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Authentic Auto Roulette Classic 1 (Formerly Live 30)

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Authentic Gaming, based in Malta, have been taking the live casino market by storm in the last couple of years with their high quality products that bridge the gap between online and land-based casinos.

Authentic Auto Roulette 30 live

And their game: Auto Roulette Live 30 has been renamed to Authentic Auto Roulette Classic 1 is a gift when it comes to putting together a seamless interface to make sure your online roulette play is a superlative experience. Not satisfied with creating a smart and easy to use interface, they have also upped the ante with Live 30 by giving you a swift 30 seconds to place your roulette bets before the action begins and this brings a nice bit of tension into the game.

You might also want to take a look at this Auto Live Roulette with La Partage if you are looking from an automatic live wheel- this one’s from Evolution Gaming and is also a top variant.

If you like your roulette fast, you’re going to love it, but it does mean you need to be on the ball and plan out your bets first- or you can always skip the odd round to get your strategy together.

Play Auto Roulette Live 30 Seconds at Paddy Power

The guys and gals at Authentic Gaming have once again come up trumps by creating a live online gaming experience which perfectly brings together the energy and fun of live roulette play. It’s from a land-based casino, but this time at an automated table- there’s no croupier (just a computer and an automated puff of air), but you can still feel the thrill of being part of the live casino action, with just one less distraction to the wheel spin! For those of you who can’t quite bring yourselves to trust in an RNG but who still like the speed of online roulette, Automatic 30 could be the solution. If you prefer the human touch, then head to Authentic Platinum Roulette where the acton is beamed directly from Platinum Casino in Bucharest.

The upper part of the screen allows a good view of the roulette wheel and all its action. The bottom half of the screen is a neatly put together table top where you can place your bets in the central part of the screen. You can choose your preferred layout, whether that’s racetrack or standard.
Here all the numbers are simply displayed and with the click of a mouse you can spin a nifty wheel to the right of the panel and select which chips you want to place on your favourite numbers. It’s well laid out and super easy to navigate.

Auto roulette 30

Once the bets are open, you can see a countdown prompt on the top left of the screen ensuring you’ve got enough time to make your selection before the wheel is spun. There’s a final sound to make sure you know that bets are closing and an on screen message too.

This is a game that isn’t just easy to play it also comes with brains. It’s been designed so that you can see the statistics to support your gambling choices (there are stats for the last 250 spins) and make the most not only of being part of a live gaming experience, but also have all the technical backup to help make you that little bit more informed. When it comes to understanding which numbers are hot or not, the last 5 hot and cold numbers are on screen to make sure you choose some big money digits!

Auto Roulette Live 30 understands that we all have our favourite numbers and ways of playing when it comes to placing bets, this game helpfully remembers your bets so that you can re-use those lucky digits time and again. There’s even a neat Autoplay function so that you can literally choose a set of numbers blessed by Lady Luck and then select how many spins you want to let those babies spin for.


This game is well designed with the fun and thrill of a live gaming experience. That 30 second window keeps play fast and furious but without the fuss of a croupier. What is a winner is the perfect combo of the smart statistics and the live wheel play from a casino that makes for immersive and smart fun!