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Quantum Roulette

Win up to 500x your Single Number Bet on this Playtech variant.
Up to 1000x in some casinos.

Best Casinos for Quantum Roulette

quantum roulette

Quantum Roulette is becoming a very popular Playtech live variant thanks to its 500x multipliers. In some casinos, this has been increased to 1000x. It’s a European Roulette game (one zero), with multipliers hitting straight-up numbers at random from 50x all the way to 500x or 1000x.

Multipliers range from 50x to 1000x offering a big prize potential.
The Quantum Boost feature increases the value of multipliers even further.

We are seeing quite a few of these big payout games (Extreme Multifire Roulette from Switch Studios is another). they are definitely in fashion!)

Look and Feel

Quantum is a visually entertaining game along the lines of Lightning Roulette from Evolution. Aficionados of the wheel might notice quite a few similarities between the two games. If you were looking for a video roulette game, then try First Person Roulette from Evolution. You can switch to a live game at any time.

The two games work in many of the same ways, but you could say that the Playtech variant is the more visually appealing, with plenty of flashing lights when the multiplier awards drop in. All the action takes place on a Playtech auto slingshot roulette wheel, and then you have a compère with a microphone who talks you through the action. The experience often depends on the individual of course, but it can be pretty engaging.

Game Play

So the layout is pretty standard. You have a European betting table plus a racetrack betting area in view (for Voisins du Zero and so on). Up to five single numbers can be hit with a multiplier on each round from 50x to 500x (or 1000x in some casinos) in steps of fifty.

Random Boost
Where Quantum Live Roulette does differ from Lightning Roulette is in the Random Boost which can add up to 50x to the multipliers.

Random Leap
Another Random feature that can double or triple the multipliers. In both cases (Boost and Leap), the maximum multiple you can get to is 500x.

So say you had a 10.00 bet on the number 8 and the 50x multiplier hit that number. You would win 490.00 plus you would get your original ten back, bringing you to 500.00. You can only win these kinds of bets on straight-up bets. If you had covered 8 with an outside bet like a street bet, you wouldn’t win the multiplier award.

Play Single Number Bets
If you normally like to cover substantial areas of the table, then you might be better off with a more classic roulette game, as this game is all about the multipliers. Your other option is to cover the table similarly but by playing lower value single-number bets.

So instead of betting on red, for example, you could just cover 50% of the table with 18 single-number bets. And then you would be eligible for the Quantum awards.

29:1 rather than 35:1
Someone pays for these big multipliers, and that is the straight-up bettors. Here is the flip side of the coin. If you win a straight-up bet that does not get the Multiplier boost, you will get a pay out of 29:1 rather than 35:1. So, as in many casino games, the trick is to pull off a 500:1 win early on in your session!

Quantum Tip

It pays to play single-number bets, of course, as these will give you a chance of scooping a 500x or even a 1000x pay out. There’s no other reason you would play this variant over a standard European Game. Your aim should be to try and scoop a big multiple early. It can be exciting if it drops in.

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The Return to Player on Quantum Live Roulette is 97.3%, ie a house edge of 2.7%. That’s what you would get for standard European Roulette, so it’s not as if the casino has given you any of its overall advantage, they have just rejigged the timing and quantity of the pay outs, making this a more volatile game compared to a standard European variant.

Pros and Cons

  • The 500x Multiplier. If that hits early, you are in a good place!
  • Visually appealing. This is an entertaining game.
  • The Random Boost and Leap features are a nice touch
  • It’s pretty fast
  • The payout on a single number is only 9:1. This essentially funds the big multipliers.
  • The running stats only show you the last 12 spins.
  • The flip side to the speed of the game is that it is hard to cover the board with a high %. Use the Save Favourite Bets feature to speed things up.


The croupiers in this game are pretty chatty. Now that can be entertaining (it depends on the individual of course), but just to warn you these guys and gals have the “gift of the gab” (they can talk in other words. You might want to have your volume control ready 😉

Quantum Roulette Strategy

Whatever you do on Quantum Roulette, do it with straight-up bets otherwise you are throwing away the whole point of the game. Yes, the single number pay out is lower than standard roulette, but only until the multipliers hit in which case you could be in line for a 500x pay out.

My plan is always to cover the table at least up to 50% (the equivalent of an even money bet) and hope for a multiplier hit early on. You can always apply a Martingale Strategy for two or three rounds, although this is more difficult than it would be on a standard table.

So keep your bets low and try and spread yourself around.


I do get the feeling that Quantum Live Roulette is a copy of Evolution’s Lightning Roulette except you don’t get the thunder and lightning. You do get those additional multiplier boosts though (Boost and Leap). I wouldn’t use this game to play a strategy, but it did entertain.

Quantum Roulette Game Features

Live Quantum Roulette
Number of Zeros
La Partage
Enhanced multiples
R17 Score
Main features
Up to five multiplier boosts will be applied to random numbers.
To note
Standard straight-up bets have had their pay outs decreased.
Max Payout
500x (1000x in some casinos)