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Voisins Du Zero

Online Roulette Guide

Play the Voisins du Zero at these Casinos

voisins du zero bet

If you are playing a premium roulette like Expert Roulette, or any variation of French Roulette (with its superior odds), you will probably come across the Voisins du Zero bet at some point, which literally translated means “Neighbours of Zero”. It’s a roulette Call Bet. You might also see this called the Serie 0/2/3 (for example on Multiball Roulette).

When we talk about “Neighbours”, we mean all the numbers close to zero on a European Wheel. There’s another bet that called Tiers du Cylindre that covers the opposite numbers on the other side of the wheel. There’s also a bet covering less numbers that includes the zero called the Jeu Zero. You can also make a Neighbors Bet on any number of your choosing in some premium variants. The Voisins du Zero just happens to be the most famous of this class of bet.

Play the Voisins du Zero Bet at Betfair HERE.

voisins du zero roulette

See the above table layout for a detailed instruction of how to play it. Normally, of course, you will just select this bet from the expert menu if you are playing online roulette, or you will just call it out to the croupier.

Its a 9 chip bet covering 16 numbers either side of the zero, so a 17 number bet in total. In the example above, the yellow chips are 5s and the grey chips are 10s.

The proper name for this bet is Grand Voisins du Zéro: it’s 17 numbers between (and including) 22 and 25 on a European Roulette Wheel.

So, 22,18,29,7,28,12,35,3,26,the number zero,32,15,19,4,21,2,25.

Bet 9 units as Follows

9 are bet on split bets, the trio and a corner bet. (or multiples of 9- in the example above we have bet 45 chips, ie units of 5)

2 chips on the 0,2,3 trio
1 on the 4/7 split
1 on 12/15 split
1 on 18/21 split
1 on 19/22 split
2 on 25/26/28/29 corner
1 on 32/35.

On our example above, we have bet
10 chips on the 0,2,3 trio
5 on the 4/7 split
5 on 12/15 split
5 on 18/21 split
5 on 19/22 split
10 on 25/26/28/29 corner
5 on 32/35.

The other bet in the same family as Tiers and Voisins is the Orphelins bet which mops up all of the remaining numbers not covered by these two roulette call bets.

The Best Casino and Variant for Voisins Du Zero?

Premium French Roulette variants has a Call Bets option- any of the VIP roulettes like Premier Roulette and 3D roulette also have it. We’d recommend UK Casino Club for the first two.