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Four Number Bet

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4 line bet

The Four Number bet or Four Bet (also called the Transversale de Quatre in French Roulette), is very similar to the Five Number bet in American Roulette except for one thing. Whereas the 5 Number bet is the worst bet in roulette, the Four Bet has the same odds as the rest of the bets in European Roulette.

Just as you can only play the 5 Number bet in American Roulette, you can only play the Four Number bet in European roulette as each of these bets includes the zero(s). Remember, there are 2 zero pockets on an American wheel and only 1 on a European wheel. That´s how the American gets it´s higher house edge.

These bets are played at the very top of the betting table. Just place your chip at the end of the line that separates the zero and the first row of numbers (1,2,3). It pays out 8:1, plus you get your original bet back if you win, of course.

The image below shows a Four Number bet on French Roulette over at Royal Vegas Casino.

4 number bet roulette

Play the 4 Number Bet at Royal VEGAS

The Four Number bet is to all intents and purposes exactly the same as a square bet or a corner bet on 4 numbers. You are betting on 4 numbers (one is a zero of course), the odds are the same and the payout is the same. The only difference is how you place your chip on the betting table.

A Four Number bet has nothing to do with a bet on the Number 4. I know, confusing, isn´t it? That´s why a lot of people refer to this bet with its French name, the Transversale de Quatre which is literally the 4 Line Bet. Come to think of it, that would be a much better name in English- less confusing!

Win Probability

If you place a Four Bet on European Roulette, you have a 4:37 chance of winning (10.8%)

House Edge

The House Advantage on this bet is exactly the same as the other main roulette bets: 2.63% in European Roulette.

Roulette Strategies that Use the Corner Bet

You can use the Four Number bet to make up the same table coverage as some of our hedging systems like our 2 column strategy which covers 24 numbers and then applies a Triple Martingale after a loss. You can also cover 24 numbers with a combination of a Four Number bet and 5 additional Corner Bets (just make sure that you don´t overlap the bets and cover the same number more than once).

We often do this to “mix it up a bit”, or even if we are just getting bored of playing 2 columns and dozens all the time. You can also switch between columns, dozens, corner bets and even 6-line bets. Just make sure you cover 24 individual numbers each time you bet. Keep ´em guessing!

The Best Casino and Variant for The Corner Bet?

This is a standard bet like the Plein bet, buy you can only make it on a French or European roulette wheel. Try the Roulette over at 32Red Casino.