Multi-Wheel Roulette

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This variant is not for everyone- you can play on up to 8 wheels at once, all with a European Roulette layout.

But if you like to hedge your bets, it's a fun version to play. Just remember to be disciplined on this game- remember, you are probably going to be betting more money given that there are up to 8 wheels. So you need to be extra vigilant- play sensibly and within your limits. Another variant of this multi-game roulette is MultiBall roulette, an IGT variant, in which there is one wheel but you can choose to spin between 1 and 10 balls. It's a useful game for high variance bets like Single Number or Split Bets (scroll down for a detailed explanation).

Best Multi-Wheel Roulette Casinos

wombat rouletteWombat Casino | Review
£200 bonus with free demos. Best for mobile and live games.

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rouletteUK Casino Club | Review 
£700 bonus- they have multi-wheel roulette covered!

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£250 bonus here, plenty of choice

rouletteRoyal Panda | Review 
Lots of games + 10 free Starburst spins.

We´d recommend the Royal Panda roulette collection for this Multi-Wheel variant. They also have a good selection of Net Ent and live roulette on their site.

Multi-Wheel Roulette for the Makarov System
If you like betting on single numbers, this is where Multi-Wheel Roulette comes into its own.

It's a good choice for high variance bets- by that we mean bets where you cover a low % of the wheel (like a straight up bet) and hope for a higher return. High variance bets hit less often, but when they do, the pay-out is higher.

Compare this to a low variance bet such as odd and even or red or black- these bets have a higher probability of coming in on individual spins, but the pay-out is lower.

There is not much point in playing low variance bets on a Multi-Wheel game- you'll just give the house more opportunity to claw in losses through the house edge. But if you are playing a single number or a series of single numbers, it can make sense to bet on several wheels at once to speed things up a bit.

In the Makarov System, you bet on an individual number and hope that it drops in before 35 spins (at which point you would break even). If the number drops in after 3 spins, you are quids in! Now you can play this on a single wheel, but it's going to take time to get through those spins.

Your other option is to play the bet on 8 wheels simultaneously. If your bet comes in before the 5th bet, you are in profit.