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Corner (Square) Bet

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Best Casinos for Corner Bets

A Corner Bet is an Inside Bet (like the Six Line Bet) on 4 numbers which pays out pays 8 to 1. You place your chip at the corner of four numbers (or in the middle of a square of four numbers). This bet is also called a Square Bet or a Quad Bet or even Carré in French Roulette. The house edge is the same as playing a single number bet. You have a 1:9.25 chance of winning the bet at a payout of 8:1.

A closely related bet is the Four Number bet which has the same payout, but includes the zero.

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Play the Corner Bet at Betfair

For example, above, we have 2 corner bets- one on and one on 17,18,20,21.

Win Probability

If you place one corner bet on European Roulette, you have a 4:37 chance of winning (10.8%)
If you play American Roulette, your odds are 4:38 (1:19) for each square bet or 10.5%).

Corner Bet Tip

The corner bet is a useful bet to use if you want to overlap your betting area. Say, for example, you want to zero in on a particular number but want to spread your risk a bit: use corner bets around the number to focus on that number while spreading your risk. This is a less agressive form of the Complete Bet strategy.

Try Corner Bets at Luxury Casino

House Edge

The House Advantage on this bet is the same as the other main roulette bets: 5.26% for American Roulette (“0” + “00” pockets) and 2.63% in European Roulette.

Roulette Strategies that Use the Corner Bet

There are plenty of systems that employ this Inside Bet– one is the 5 Quad Strategy, where you make 5 corner bets plus a single straight up bet (table coverage 21/37 on a Euro wheel, or 57%), or 54% if you use a number for your single number bet that is already covered by your corner bets).

So, it’s a 6 chip bet. You’ll make 3 chips if one of the corner bet numbers drops in and 30 chips if you land on the single number bet. It’s a kind of hedge system on the single number bet, a “grind out the profit” typs of strategy.

Some of the more advanced Call Bets that you can play on the more premium variants use corner bets- the Number Combo is a good example. Another is the Complete Bet where you play all the possible inside bets of an individual number (including the Square or Corner Bet.

The Best Casino and Variant for The Corner Bet?

This is a standard bet like the Split Bet so it’s best play on a European wheel- the odds are higher. Even more preferable is French Roulette that plays “la Partage”. Try the Premium French Roulette over at Betfair.