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007 Bet

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The 007 bet is another bet we have come across that sits with other Call Bets like Orphelins or the Voisins du Zero bet, I guess, but it is really more of a novelty or fun bet. I don’t believe that James Bond ever played this bet in Ian Fleming’s novels (he was more partial to playing the Labouchere strategy, even if it was fictionally).

The 007 bet is named after the pattern that the chips make on the table. You can play it on Premier Roulette (Diamond Edition).

Table Layout Showing the 007 Bet

007 roulette bet

Play the 007 Bet at Royal Vegas

007 Bet. Shaken Not Stirred

This bet is played with 21 chips of the same value on the following numbers, including lucky 7 and 8 (for some) and the complete number 10:

Single Bets: 4,6,7,9, the number 14,18,19,21,28,30,32,33,36
Corner Bets: (1,2,4,5), (2,3,5,6), (7,8,10,11), (8,9,11,12), (13,14,16,17), (14,15,17,18), (19,20,22,23), (20,21,23,24).

It’s quite a neat way of getting 57% table coverage (57% odds of winning). The house edge is 2.6% on a European table.

Some people mistake the 007 for the Random Seven Bet (for obvious reasons). The latter really does mean a bet with 7 chips.

The Best Casino and Variant for The 007 Bet?

We have only really seen this one on the expert tab on Premier Roulette (Diamond). Click on the “Expert” link to the right hand side of the bottom nav bar in the game and you should find it in the “Call Bets” drop down. Try Wombat Casino or Royal Vegas Roulette for this Microgaming variant.