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One (1)

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number one

The Number One is undoubtedly a very special number. It’s the first number, arguably the simplest number. It´s at the opposite end of the betting table to roulette 36, the highest number on the table. It’s the only number that will divide any number to give the same result as you started with. But does it hold any special significance in roulette?

In European or French Roulette, Red 1 sits between the number twenty and thirty-three in the left hand Orphelins zone.
In American Roulette, it sits right next to the Double Zero (00). On the other side lies 13. Again, it’s a red number.

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How to Play the Number 1 in Roulette

roulette 1

If you are a fan of low table coverage (high risk roulette bets), then just lay a chip on the actual number with a straight up bet.
You can also cover it with a red, odd or low even money outside bet.
On the dozens it sits in the first 12 of course, and the bottom column. These bets will pay out at 2:1 if they come in.
You can also cover it with many inside bet combinations like the Corner Bet, Six Line Bet, Split Bet and Street Bet.

1 is one of 5 numbers that you can cover with the Five Number Bet. You can only play this in American Roulette, and we’d advise against it as the odds are terrible. This is because 5 doesn’t go into 36, and American Roulette table round the pay-out down to the nearest whole number. It would be a great bet if they rounded the pay-out up!

Other Bets

You can cover the 1 with an Orphelins bet (European Roulette), a 007 bet, and a snake bit, plus all the other combination bets that have a root such as a Finale en 1 Plein bet, which would be 1, 11, 21, 31.

About the Number One

This number is sometimes referred to as unity. It’s the first non-zero natural number. It’s its own square, cube, factorial (as an example, the factorial of 3, or 3! is 3x2x1 = 6. 1! is just 1.

In the west, 1 is written with a vertical line. In China, it is written with a horizontal line.

Other facts about 1

1 is one of 2 numbers in the binary system, along with 0, and is very important in the world of computing where it represents the “on” state. In philosophy, it is thought of as the root of all existence. it’s the atomic number of hydrogen, the lightest element in the periodic table, and the most abundant thing in the entire universe. 1 comes up a lot!

In football, the goalie wears one, as does the loosehead prop in rugby union. It’s also the name of the elite racing series: Formula One- in fact this number is often used to describe the best, the elite, the top etc.


In the world of numerology, the number 1 is seen as a very strong number- a masculine action orientated number, that is very direct with a simple view on life. People associated with this number tend to be very decisive, less complex, strong willed but can be cruel.

Is the Number 1 Lucky?

roulette 1

Well, that depends on who you are I guess, and if you are the superstitious type. We can definitely say that some people think that the number 1 is lucky for them!

In Chinese culture, One has a very complex meaning in Chinese culture. It is the beginning, the origin, and the whole, that’s a pearl of wisdom from Lao Zi (a Chinese philosopher and the founder of Taoism). After one, comes birth, so it is seen as the mother of all Numbers (interesting, as it seen as a very masculine number in Western cultures).

It is neutral as a lucky number in China (it’s neither lucky or unlucky), but when combined with other numbers it can have some powerful meanings. 1314 sounds similar to the Chinese for forever, for example. 5211314 is code for ‘I love you forever’, and 521 means ‘I love you’.

“Yi” (1) is a yang number and has represents north and water. In Feng Shui circles, the #1 means frequent trips and rises and dips in fortune. Just saying!

New Year’s Day- First Footing-

Many people know about the tradition of First Footing in Scotland- where New Year’s Day is such a big celebration. The first-foot of the year is the first person to enter the home on New Year’s Day and brings good luck for the coming year. Tall, dark-haired men are seen as especially lucky first footers (avoid having female or fair-haired males in some places!)

But did you also know about the Vietnamese tradition? In Vietnam the first person to enter the home the first day of the New Year is also very important (just remember that the Vietnamese New Year, or Tết falls the same day as Chinese New Year. It’s the Lunar New Year, normally at the end of January or beginning of February.

The first person to enter a house must be a good person if the home is to enjoy good blessings throughout the following year. So don’t just turn up! You have to be invited. The Vietnamese take this very seriously, even to the point of the owner of the house leaving the house a few minutes before midnight and coming back just after the new day has started.

And Finally…

Did you know that the Number 1 is NOT a prime number? Many people don’t.

The definition of a Prime Number is:
An integer greater than 1 is called a prime number if its only positive factors are 1 and itself. Yes, you can divide 1 by 1 and itself, but no, it’s not greater than 1!

So there you go.