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Three (3)

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Is the Number 3 a Lucky Number?

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Let’s take a look at the number 3 (the Magic Number according to De La Soul). It´s a number which seems to pop up all over the place in roulette. You have got the number 3 on the wheel of course (plus the number 13, 23 and 33). Then there are 3 columns and 3 dozens on the betting table. There’s a popular system called the Law of the Thirds. And so on, the list goes on.

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De La Soul. 3- The Magic Number

Now you may try to subtract it
But it just won’t go away
Three times one?
(what is it? )
(one, two, three!)
And that’s the magic number.

How to play the Number 3 on the Roulette Table


Just go ahead and make a straight up bet on the number 3. Done! In European Roulette, 3 is a red number lying between black 35 and black 26 to the left of the zero pocket. On an American wheel, 3 is also red and sits between black 15 and black 24. It’s sits a few pockets left of the 00 (there are 2 zero pockets on an American Roulette wheel).

Of course, this doesn’t give you much table coverage, so you might want to hedge your bets a little with the following options:

  • Red, odd or lo (1-18) “even chance” bets.
  • 3rd column bet or 1st 12 (dozen).
  • The Five Number Bet if you like poor odds (click here to find out why).
  • The 007 Bet
  • Street bet on 1,2,3
  • Split bet containing 3
  • Other inside bets like a Six Line bets covering 1,2,3,4,5,6
  • Finales en Plein on 3
  • Finales a Cheval on 3
  • 5 is covered by the Tiers bet in roulette.

The Jeu Zero is also an interesting choice for a bet that covers 3.
The Neighbors Bet also covers 3 and gives you more table coverage than Jeu Zero.

Interesting Facts About 3- Third Time Lucky


could say that 3 is the last of the small numbers. In Roman numerals, 3 is written with three ones: III, and in Chinese they do the same: 三, although the lines are horizontal (great minds think alike). After that, the numbers get their own symbols. We use the Arabic 3 in the west- you can still see the 3 strokes though. Have you ever wondered why many cultures count “one, two, three, go”? Or, on the count of three, start!

Many people believe that humans in ancient times counted up to 3, and the rest was “more than 3”. I am not sure I believe that though, as we all have 10 fingers and 10 toes.

3 is the number pi (π) rounded to the nearest natural number and many people believe it has magical properties. It is a very popular “favourite number” or “lucky number” when polls are carried out on this kind of thing.


The Greek, Pythagoras believed the number 3 to be the noblest of all numbers, as only three equals the sum of all the numbers below it. In this respect, it is unique. 3 is a triangular number (head to number 15 for a quick explenation of what that is), along with 6

There is also a unique maths trick you can play with 3. Any number whose individual digits, when added together, are divisible by three, is also divisible by three. Let’s take 234 as an example. 2+3+4 is 9 which is divisible by 3. So that means 234 is also divisible by three (234 divided by 3 is 88).

3 is one of the first numbers you will come across in a Fibonacci sequence (check out out Fibonacci roulette system page). It is also the atomic number of lithium.

Three is the number of dimensions that make up our world- the ones that we easily recognise, and it is a very symbolic number in many religions of course (the Holy Trinity in Christianity, the Three Jewels of Buddhism etc).

3 is also a very powerful number in Norse traditions (along with 9 and 27). Maybe useful to bear in mind if you are superstitious and playing the Thunderstruck slot)! For example, Bor had three sons, Odin, Vili, and Vé.

What else? Well, there are 3 primary colours,

Is Three a Lucky Number?

Many cultures believe that 3 is lucky. This is all based on superstition of course! There are no scientific facts behind this, we are warning you, but the number does represent birth, life and death to many people, the past, present and future and the beginning, middle and end. When you start thinking about it, the number 3 pops up everywhere. Now we are not for a second suggesting that this is going to give you an edge on the roulette table. but it´s interesting, don´t you think?

Three (三) is thought of as a good number in China as it sounds like the word for “alive”. Compare this to the next number, four (四), which sounds like “death” (死 ) to Chinese ears.

The Chinese philosopher Confucius once said: ‘If 3 people are walking together; at least one of them is good enough to be my teacher.’ In Taoism, 3 stands for Heaven, Earth and Human being;

Luck is often said to “come in threes”. Watch out though, this is often associated with bad luck!

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