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Five (5)

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Let’s have a look at the number five in roulette. This is a red number that sits between 10 and 24 on a European roulette wheel and between 22 and 17 when you play American Roulette.

The number 5 is the third prime number after 1,2 and 3, coming just before the number seven. Then, your next stop on the Prime Number Train is the number eleven. It’s the first Safe Prime (a Safe Prime is a number that can be made by doubling a prime and adding one (2p + 1 where p is a prime number)). It´s the first number after the infamous (to some) number four.

The number five bet was made famous by the William Darnborough roulette bet- he made a single number bet on 5 and won five times in a row. Obviously his lucky number!

The number 5 is also the fifth Fibonacci number: 2 + 3. You often come across 5 in the natural world, for example starfish have 5 appendages. Most amphibians, reptiles, and mammals with fingers or toes have five on each limb. It is the atomic number of Boron

5 is also a Fortunate Number like the number 23. Before you get too excited, it’s a mathematical term!

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How to play the Number 5 in Roulette

You could just make a straight up bet on the number for a 35:1 pay-out, of course. But if you want more table coverage, you can also make the following bets:

Red, odd or lo (1-18) even money bets.
Middle column bet or first dozen.
007 Bet
Street bet on 4.5.6
Split bets containing 5
2 Six Line bets cover the number
Finales en Plein on 5
Finales a Cheval on 5
5 is covered by the Tiers bet in roulette.

The 5 Number bet doesn’t contain 5 (it’s a bet on both zeros plus 1,2 & 3 in American Roulette). Just remember though, it’s the worst bet in roulette!

It is also covered by the Roulette Snake Bet.

Other Interesting Facts About 5


Humans are said to have 5 senses
Jupiter is the 5th planet in our solar system.

The Torah contains 5 books—Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy (the Five Books of Moses.)
The book of Psalms also has 5 books.
There are 5 Pillars of Islam.
The 5 pointed star is a powerful symbol in several faiths including Taoism and Christianity.
In Hong Kong or Guangzhou, a Cantonese 5 sounds like “not”. So “58” means “not lucky”. Luckily there’s no 58 on a roulette table! The number 3 sounds like “alive” in Chinese. So “53” is not great either, neither is “35” which is on the roulette table.

The pentatonic scale consists of the five notes per octave scale- widely used in blues and blues rock. And talking of music, there are plenty of famous bands that have 5 members like the Jackson 5, Maroon 5 and the Dave Clark Five.


The Olympic symbol has 5 rings, and 5 points are awarded for a try in rugby union.

Finally…No. 5 is the name of the famous perfume created by Coco Chanel.

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