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Twenty-Six (26)

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Twenty-Six (26) is a black number in roulette that sits between the 0 pocket and red 3 on a European Roulette Wheel and 9 and the number 30 on an American Wheel. It’s a popular number like 17 (in our experience). I think that’s because it’s made up of 2 numbers that add up to 8– a lucky number for many people especially in Asia (we see the same inclination towards 35 for the same reasons). The number 36 doesn´t see half as much action- strange, hey?

Is 26 a lucky roulette number for you? The odds of the ball landing in the 26 pocket are the same as any other number, of course, but we are well aware that many players have their own superstitions. The no. 27 seems to get more action on the roulette table.

Another interesting roulette fact about this number- in a Monte Carlo casino on August 18 in 1913, the ball landed on the black 26 times in a row. Millions of francs were lost by players betting against black, and the term Monte Carlo Fallacy was born.

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How To Make a Number 26 Bet

What’s the best way of making a bet on the number 26? You can just bet on the individual number of course, but we’d advise you to cover a little more of the table than just a single number unless you are planning to stick around at the table for a long time. You can also cover it on a black, even or Hi even-money bet.

Black 26 lies on the middle column or the last dozen if you are fishing for a 2:1 pay off.

A good way of covering it on European Wheels is with a Voisins bet (Neighbours of Zero), as 26 sits right next to 0 on the wheel. Jeu zéro (the zero game or zero spiel also covers it. This a a bet around the zero that is like a mini version of Roulette Voisins.

All About the Number 26

26 is the only number that is one more than a square (25 = 5^2) and one less than a cube (27 = 3^3). Fascinating eh?!
26 is the atomic number of iron.

It’s also the number of miles that you need to run in a marathon (then you still need to run 385 yards).

If you throw a 26 in darts, it often raises a snigger, as 1 and 5 sit either side of 20. So people going for the triple 20 will often spray their darts around it if they aren’t very good. I have heard this called a “Henderson” although I don’t know why. Also know as a Bed and Breakfast or a Bagadix (or Bag for short). Or Fish and Chips.

There are 26 letters in the English alphabet- number 26 is Z.

Did you also know that the maximum number of quarter turns you need to sove a jumbled Rubik’s Cube is 26? That’s one of the reason’s why Europe’s first mobile bank: Number26 is called what it is. I guess the founders are a bit nerdy!


People born on the 26th are said to be good with money and have a flair for business. They tend to have strong characters, but can be seen be domineering and bossy.

Chinese Symbolism

26 sounds a little like “easily profitable” in Cantonese. That’s maybe why it’s a popular number if you are on the roulette table in Macau. 6 generally is a lucky number in Chinese- first because it sounds a bit like profitable, and second because double 3 id 6. Three is another lucky number because it takes at least 3 points to make a shape, so it is seen as the start of all things.

That’s why the Chinese like 3 digit numbers like 888, 326 and 666.