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Sixteen (16)

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The number sixteen is a red number that sits between black 24 and the number 33 on a European Roulette wheel and black 4 and black 33 on an American Wheel.

It´s not a number that immediately jumps out at you (unless you happen to be born on the 16th of the month I suppose. Some people consider it unlucky given that it is 4 squared, and the number 4 gets a pretty bad rap, especially in China. In binary, it´s 2 to the power of 4 as well.

Having said that, 16 is also double 8, which is very lucky in China- so you could argue that that makes 16 a double lucky number.

It has been used in various cultures to measure things- there are 16 British ounces to the pound, for example. The Chinese had a method of counting on one hand using the finger joints on one hand. You can count up to 16 like that (each finger has 4 joints). Use both hands and you can get up to 32 by using the tip of your thumb to keep your position.

What´s So Special About 16?


Sulphur has an atomic number of 16, and it is an age that marks the transition of a girl into a woman in many countries (in many Latin America, this is even earlier at 15). It´s the age of consent in the UK and the legal drinking age in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Italy and Portugal. In fact, once you are 16 you can do quite a bit of stuff on your own, like join the armed forces in the UK (although you can´t be sent to fight) and you can drop out of school.

Louis XVI was one of France´s most famous kings. He was guillotined on January 21, 1793. 16 is pretty big in a game of chess too, given that you start with 16 pieces (the board is an 8×8 square.)

Many people believe that 16 in a number representing wholeness, completeness etc. It´s a very lucky number in India (one rupees used to be worth 16 annas), and in Tarot the number 16 is the number of the Tower Card which symbolises big change. And the 16th POTUS (President of the United States?). None other than Abraham Lincoln.

How to Bet on the Number 16 in Roulette

You can just bet on red 16 of course, but that´s not going to get you much table coverage. So how do you cover this number with the other bets?

The Red, evens or high number bet will pay out 1:1 if you hit it (plus you get your bet back. So bet 10 pounds and you´d get 20 pounds back.

The number 16 also lies in the bottom column and the middle dozen- this will give you a 2:1 payout (so bet 20, get 60 back including your original bet). Or you can cover the number with any of the Inside Bets like the Split Bet (2 numbers), the 6 Line Bet, the Street Bet or the Square Bet.

On more advanced wheels, you´ll be able to cover red 16 with the Call bets and other more exotic bets. Examples include the 007 bet (it´s more of a novelty bet this one), the Red Splits bet, and the Tiers du Cylindre which sits opposite the Neighbours of Zero on a European wheel.

More Facts About the Number Sixteen

If you get to your 16th wedding anniversary, it´s silverware on the list. Neil Sedaka also had one of his biggest hits with this number: Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen.

Neil Sedaka

Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen.

What else? Well just one thing. 16 is the sum of the first 4 odd numbers, so they you go! 1+3+5+7=16

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