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Twenty-Five (25)

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number 25

Let´s talk about the number 25 shall we? Is there anything special about this number other than it´s a quarter of 100? Well, it is a square number (5×5) along with 1, 4, 9, 16, and 36 on the roulette wheel. It´s also the sum of 32 + 42.

25 is the atomic number of manganese and if you have been married for 25 years, you´d be celebrating your silver wedding anniversary- the number 25 always has a precious metal feel about it, a bit like gold. If you´re playing darts and just miss the bulls-eye, you score 25.

There are 25 cents in a quarter, and it lends itself to the UK´s most famous road, or most infamous should we say- the M25 which runs around London.

To numerologists, a 25 person is often aloof and critical of others- someone who is hard to get to know. They are said to be clever people though- thinkers, dreamers and philosophers.

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Betting on the Number 25

number 25

So what’s the best way of covering the 25 at the roulette table? The red 25 sites between black 2 and black 17 on a European wheel and black 10 and black 29 on an American wheel near the 00 pocket.

You can make a single number (straight-up) bet on the number, of course, although this won´t give you much table coverage unless you combine it with some other numbers (a bet on a single number works for some people though- like Leslie Sategna for example).

The number 25 is an odd, red high number, so you´ll cover it with those respective even money bets. Or you could go for a first column or last dozen bet for a 2:1 pay-out if you win.

There is a big selection of Inside bets you could go for, such as a 6 Number Bet, a Split Bet, a Corner Bet or a Street Bet. You´d be increasing your table coverage with all of these bets versus a straight up bet. Try it out on one of these live roulette casinos if you want to play with real dealers.

If 25 is your all time lucky number, you could go for a Complete Roulette Bet on the number, which is the nuclear option- a bet on every possible position that covers the number (except for the outside bets normally, although some casinos even include these), But bear in mind, it´s an expensive bet!

You can cover 25 with a Neighbours of Zero bet on a European Wheel (it´s the last number to be covered). This is one of our favourite ways of covering the number- you´ll find this bet on many premium roulette games.

What Else Can We Say About 25?

The number 25 is the 89th and 90th number of pi, and the 25th is the date of Christmas Day- one of the most important festivals in the Christian calendar. It´s also the name of an album by the singer Adele.

Famous People Born on the 25th


Robert Burns, the Scottish poet, was born on the 25th day of the year on January 25 as was Xavi, the Barcelona player by the way.

Matt LaBlanc was born on July 25th and Katie Perry celebrates her birthday on October 25th.

In its time, it was one of the more innovative shows around and worth a look.

Last Friday Night …Katie Perry (who has an October 25th Birthday!)

And Finally…On 25

We love learning all about numbers (sad aren´t we). But just to underline that the odds of the number 25 coming up on the roulette wheel are exactly the same as the odds of any other number coming up. But then you knew that, right?

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