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Thirty-Three (33)

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number 33

The number 33- it looks tidy, doesn’t it? This is often a favourite on the roulette table because, well, people like 3 and 33 has two of them! But is there anything special about this number that counts 3 and 11 as its factors? On the roulette wheel, you are almost running out of numbers by the time you get to 33.

33 is the The atomic number of arsenic and is also the number of vertebrae that you will find in a healthy human spine. It’s also the boiling point of water (on the Newton scale that is. 0 is the heat of air in winter at which water begins to freeze).


Nowadays, the hipsters call them vinyl, but a 33 always used to refer to a long playing record or LP- the record is played at a speed of 33⅓ revolutions per minute.

You’d call 0033 to reach France as well by the way, and it was said to be the age of Jesus when he was crucified in AD 33 (makes sense!)

33 is a very significant number in numerology, being one of the Master Numbers along with 11 and 22. These three Master numbers are very powerful for followers of numerology. When they appear in your chart, they can mean trouble or they can be very good news indeed (sounds like someone was hedging their bets there!)

Of the 3 master numbers, is the most influential for numerologists and is known as “the Master Teacher.” Of course, you might think that the whole thing was hocus pocus, but we mention it anyway.

33 is also the title of a Smashing Pumpkins song from their album, Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. Plus, it’s a beer that American GI’s used to drink in Vietnam (it’s also a brand of beer in Nigeria funnily enough).

How Do I Bet on 33?

33 roulette

33 is a black number that sits between red 1 and red 16 on a single zero wheel (European Roulette) and between red 16 and red 21 on an American wheel.

Just bet on the individual number! But then that’s not going to get you much table coverage (although you could play 33 multiple times on 8 wheels at the same time- this is the Makarov system. On the Multi-Wheel roulette game below you can play up too 8 wheels at once and you can also set up Auto Play to spin the wheel, say, 25 spins on the trot on fast mode.

You can also cover the number 33 with more table coverage with an Inside Bet such as the Split Bet (2 numbers), the Street bet (3 ) the Square Bet (4 numbers), or the Six Number Bet.

Or you could bet black for a evens pay out, or the odd or high numbers (19-36).

You can cover black 32 on the 3rd dozen or the top column. Both will pay out at 2:1.

On the more exotic bets which you will find at more premium roulette variants, you will also cover 33 on a 007 bet, a Finales 3 en Plein bet and a Tiers du Cylindre bet

The Smashing Pumpkins – Thirty-Three

What else can we say about 33?

united nations

Careful betting on the number 33 in Japan, because 33 in Japanese is “Sar-Zan” which is an unlucky- it also means “misfortune without a way out”. As you can imagine, 33 is not a popular roulette number in the land of the rising sun.

Also in Japan, 33 is meant to be an unlucky years for women according to Yakudoshi (厄年) : a set of unlucky ages in Japan, first noted in the Heian period. So watch out!

For some people, however, when you hit your thirty-third birthday you have hit the perfect age. Jesus Christ was crucified when he was 33, and Krishna, died at 33. Joseph was also 33 when he married the Virgin Mary.

Another 33 Fact- the United Nation logo is a globe divided into 33 pieces.

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That’s all we have to say about the fascinating number 33. Except for this. Just remember that the odds of landing the ball on this number are the same as any other number. I know, stating the obvious!